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Manufacturer: ZO Skin Health, Inc
Active Substance(s) : Hamamelis virginiana water, sodium hyaluronate
Pack Size: 1-180ml bottle
Accessories: Package insert
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ZO Calming Toner is a skincare product typically used to complete the cleansing process and helps to prepare the skin to better accept ensuing treatments. This soothing lotion leverages the non-irritating properties of witch hazel, sodium hyaluronate and allantoin to treat sensitive and weak skin, reduce pore size and to rehydrate the dermal layer. This product is made by ZO Skin Health, a global leader in professional-grade skincare solutions.


  • Active ingredient(s): Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) sodium hyaluronate, sodium PCA
  • Inactive ingredient(s): N/A

Main Benefits

  • pH balanced toner that improves tolerability to the product, minimizing unwanted reactions.
  • Non-animal derived sodium hyaluronate makes the product hypoallergenic.


ZO Calming Toner is a skin toner for sensitive or weak skin that is applied after cleansing to further remove impurities while soothing and calming skin, preparing it for future steps in a skincare routine. Order Zo Calming Toner from Raskel Medical today.