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Manufacturer: LG Life Sciences
Active Substance(s) : hyaluronic acid with lidocaine
Pack Size: 1 syringe x 1mL

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Yvoire Classic Plus is a hyaluronic acid injectable dermal filler meant to reduce fine to moderate facial wrinkles, restore volume to the face, and augment the lips. This clear, colorless gel is implanted into the mid to deep dermis where it plumps the dermal tissue, thereby smoothing out lines and folds. The addition of 0.3% lidocaine to this formulation ensures a comfortable experience for the patient.

What Yvoire Classic Plus is formulated to do

A common hallmark of aging is the loss of facial volume, a natural phenomenon that occurs as the body’s quantity of hyaluronic acid is depleted. This reduction of volume is usually made apparent in the face with the emergence of wrinkles and lines, sunken facial features, and an increase in skin laxity. Yvoire Classic Plus treats these signs of aging by restoring volume in the treated area with stabilized hyaluronic acid. Once implanted into the dermal tissue, the hyaluronic acid gel attracts and binds to water molecules, causing expansion. This has a smoothing and filling effect on the skin, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, and hollow areas.

Manufacturer / Origin

Yvoire Classic Plus is manufactured by LG Life Sciences, a South Korean biotechnology and pharmaceutical company. Yvoire Classic Plus is manufactured in Europe.

Yvoire Classic Plus is a sterile, transparent gel that is comprised of cross-linked, non-animal derived hyaluronic acid (22mg/ml) and lidocaine (0.3%). The product has an average particle size of 400µm.

Suggested Usage

  • Employing the correct injection technique is essential to the final results of the treatment.
  • Only authorized medical practitioners may administer Yvoire Classic Plus.
  • Inform each patient on the indications, expected results, precautions and potential side effects associated with this treatment.
  • Assess each patient’s need for additional pain management, especially if performing lip augmentation.
  • Sterilize the area to be treated with an appropriate antiseptic.
  • Assemble and prepare the syringe for injection, as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Inject Yvoire Classic Plus into the mid to deep dermis if treating dermal tissue, or into the submucosal layer if treating the lips.
  • Inject slowly with even pressure using an injection technique appropriate for the area being treated (e.g. linear threading, serial puncture).
  • After the dermal injection, massage the treated area gently to ensure even distribution of the product.

What’s in the box

  • 1-1ml prefilled syringe
  • 2 needles (27G and 30G)
  • Package insert

Duration of effect

Treatment results are impermanent, as the filler undergoes isovolumic degradation and is absorbed by the body over time. The duration of Yvoire Classic Plus’ effects varies according to the treatment area, the volume of product used, and the patient’s skin type and age. The patient will require repeat injections to maintain results.

Storage conditions
Store at 2–25°C in a hermetic container. Protect from light.

Expiry (shelf life)

  • 24 months
  • Do not use this product past its expiry date.

What else you need to know

Potential side effects

Common side effects that occur with this dermal filler include swelling, bruising, redness, pain, and tenderness around the injection site. These effects are related to the injection procedure, and should resolve spontaneously within a few days post-injection. Rarely, more severe side effects may be experienced, such as infection, inflammatory reactions, nodule formation, discoloration, and papules. Your patient should seek medical help if they develop new symptoms, or if symptoms persist or worsen.

Which skin types is Yvoire Classic Plus suitable for?

This skin filler is suitable for improving the appearance of aging, mature skin. As well, this product can be used to add fullness to the lips.

What this product is made without

As the hyaluronic acid in Yvoire Classic Plus is derived from non-animal sources, no allergy test is necessary.

Information about the syringe

The supplied syringe is ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable injection.

What makes it different from other products?

Other products in the Yvoire range of dermal fillers include Yvoire Volume, Yvoire Contour and Yvoire Hydro. These also come in formulations with added lidocaine, denoted by the addition of the term “Plus” to the name. Each member of this line is used for different filling purposes.

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