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Why it is important to use a thread facelift


Aging signs, such as sagging skin, may affect self-esteem and confidence, potentially decreasing self-esteem. Thread facelifts can visibly combat aging signs and restore a youthful appearance, empowering patients to live a better life. High performance thread facelifts such as Silhouette Soft are especially useful for tightening sagging skin and contouring the face. Facelift threads are inserted via a minimally-invasive process and is often a fairly quick procedure. This makes them the perfect alternative to conventional facelift surgery.



How thread facelifts work

Essentially, the treatment (sometimes referred to as puppet facelift) works by lifting the skin and promoting regeneration of collagen using a dissolvable thread. Prior to treatment, the designated area is thoroughly sterilized. An anesthetic may be used to minimize suture-related pain and discomfort. Silhouette Soft sutures should be inserted into the subcutaneous tissue and pulled back to lift the skin. As the cones attach to the tissues, the areas are raised to smooth out the skin. Finally, the ends of the sutures are removed. As well, because patients are awake during the procedure, they are able to approve the final look.


In order to prevent any complications, the treatment should only be performed by trained practitioners. Depending on the skin condition and the degree of laxity, the number of sutures may need to be increased.



What is it used for? 

Thread facelifts such as Silhouette Soft are mainly used to tighten the skin and define facial contour for a youthful appearance. Ideal candidates show minor sagging and are in their 30s to 60s. Apart from the cheeks and mid-face areas, thread facelifts can also be used on the jawline, neck, and brow area.

Through a series of mechanical and biological actions, a thread facelift tightens the face while preserving its natural look. Threads revitalize and rejuvenate aging skin by holding the skin in an elevated position and boosting collagen production. Inserted through a simple process, a thread facelift provides long-lasting and natural results for patients who prefer a less invasive anti-aging approach.



Why thread facelift from Raskel Medical is perfect solution

  • Why use thread facelift

Thread facelifts such as Silhouette Soft is the perfect alternative to conventional facelift procedures, as it is minimally-invasive and safe. Using threads, patients can achieve dramatic face-tightening results similar to that of conventional surgical procedures. Developed using innovative technologies, thread facelifts deliver results that are natural and discreet. The innovative threads are associated with low risk of complications, and recovery time is minimal.

  • Why choose Raskel Medical

Raskel Medical only offer genuine brand name products such as Silhouette Soft. We offer competitive pricing for quality threads through our price matching policy. Shipping to more than 85 countries worldwide, Raskel Medical provides an extensive range of aesthetic products for practitioners and clients at affordable prices. Raskel Medical only charges a small fee of $25 for its speedy and reliable delivery service. If you have any questions, our experienced and friendly customer service team is ready to assist you.



The perfect solution: Thread facelifts such as Silhouette Soft consist of monofilaments and cones, which are made of polylactic acid (PLLA) and poly (L-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) respectively. The less invasive treatment provides instant results without the high price tag or inconvenience of surgical procedures.


Ingredients: PLLA contributes to the regeneration of collagen, which helps to contour the face in the long term. The PLGA cones in bi-directional orientation are evenly dispersed in suspension suture, thus keeping the skin elevated. This effectively firms up the skin for a tight and firm texture.



Popular products

Silhouette Soft is a trusted brand and the most popular. To date, 150,000 Silhouette Soft treatments have been performed around the world.  Formulated using safe and effective ingredients, such as PLLA and PLGA, Silhouette Soft revitalizes and tightens sagging areas for younger looking skin. Silhouette Soft delivers instant results while maintaining the natural appearance of the skin.



End Note
Inserted via a minimally-invasive process, threads are a safe alternative to conventional surgical procedures. Silhouette Soft was developed based on 6 years of in-depth research. Distributed in over 70 countries worldwide, thread facelifts such as Silhouette Soft have undergone stringent quality control and are fully compliant to CE and ISO standards. As threads are known to come with less risks and side effects compared to invasive surgeries, they are a great first line of defense against sagging skin. Formulated using high performance ingredients that are typically used in surgery, threads promise to deliver visible and long-lasting anti-aging results. Help your patients experience the miraculous age-defying results of thread facelifts today.




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