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Manufacturer: Solta Medical
Pack Size: 12 pads
Accessories: package insert

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Product Specification

The Thermage TR-2 Return Pad is an accessory for the Thermage CPT system, which uses monopolar radiofrequency energy. It is placed directly onto the patient’s skin surface to create a return path for the radiofrequency energy from the Thermage CPT system to return to the system. The pad is placed onto the patient’s body where the greatest surface area is utilized during treatment. Furthermore, this pad reduces the risk of burn injuries. It has a mat-like design that conforms to the shape of the skin and lies almost flush. For hygiene and efficacy reasons, it must not be shared between patients. Each Thermage TR-2 Return Pad is a single-use only device.

What Thermage TK-0.25 Skin Marking Paper is Formulated to Do

The Thermage TR-2 Return Pad is made for one task in mind: to create a return path so that the radiofrequency energy that is transmitted into the patient's skin to cause skin tightening can return to the Thermage CPT system. It sticks firmly onto the skin so that it stays in place throughout the treatment procedure. This pad does not interfere with the treatment process due to its small footprint.


The Thermage TR-2 Return Pad is manufactured by Solta Medical Inc., which is based in Hayward, California.


The Thermage TR-2 Return Pad originates from the United States.

What Else You Need to Know

What side effects can it cause?

The Thermage TR-2 Return Pad should not cause any side effects on its own. It has no active ingredients that can exert any significant adverse reactions. A rare possibility would be an allergic reaction to any of the components used in the production of the pad. However, the real risk for side effects comes from a treatment session with the Thermage CPT system. Redness, swelling, and pain can happen after the procedure. Other side effects include surface irregularities, but this side effect is very rare.
Which skin type is it good for?
The Thermage TR-2 Return Pad can be used on any skin type.
What is it made without?
The Thermage TR-2 Return Pad does not contain any active ingredients or medications, such as steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, or antibiotics.
How many times should this product be used?
Thermage TR-2 Return Pad is a single-use only device.
H3: What are the differences between Thermage Return Pads?

There are no other return pads in the Thermage lineup other than the Thermage TR-2 Return Pad.

Suggested Usage

Ensure that the cable connected to the Thermage CPT device being used for the treatment procedure is clipped securely onto a Thermage TR-2 Return Pad. Once connected, attach the cable to the patient’s back or abdomen. The Thermage TR-2 Return Pad should be applied firmly onto the skin. Make sure that it is in full contact with the skin. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean the skin at the treatment area. Apply a temporary grid system while this skin is still damp. As you press the treatment tip that is attached to the Thermage CPT system against the skin, ensure you apply even pressure to it so as to distribute heat evenly. Perform multiple low energy passes. You can carry out two single passes that are followed by three to five vector passes in the direction skin tightening is desired. Alternately, you can carry out one super pass, which is where one row of squares and then one row of circles on the grid are treated in an alternating manner; this technique is recommended for the Thermage CPT system. The treatment should be ended when skin tightening effects can be seen or felt. The Thermage TR-2 Return Pad used not be reused or recycled. Dispose of the pad appropriately once it is used.


Thermage TR-2 Return Pads are made with adhesives so that they stick to the skin and are also made with materials that are consistent with a grounding pad.

What is in a Package of this Product?

A pack of this product comes with a package insert and 12 Thermage TR-2 Return Pads.

Duration of Effect

The effect of a Thermage TR-2 Return Pad can last as long as it is placed on the skin. The effects from a treatment session with the Thermage CPT system should last for a few years.

Storage Conditions

The Thermage TR-2 Return Pad should be kept in a cool and dry place in room temperature. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Expiry (Shelf Life)

A Thermage TR-2 Return Pad can be kept for a few years prior to reaching its expiry date. For more information regarding the expiration date of one of these pads, please refer to its packaging. A Thermage TR-2 Return Pad should not be used past its expiration date.