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Manufacturer: Solta Medical
Strength: 900 REP
Pack Size: 1 piece
Accessories: package insert
Product: THERMAGE® 3.0cm² FACE TIP C1 400 REP
Manufacturer: Solta Medical
Strength: 400 REP
Pack Size: 1 piece
Accessories: package insert
Product: THERMAGE® 3.0cm² FACE TIP C1 200 REP
Manufacturer: Solta Medical
Strength: 200 REP
Pack Size: 1 piece
Accessories: package insert
Product: THERMAGE® 3.0cm² FACE TIP C2 900 REP
Manufacturer: Solta Medical
Strength: 900 REP
Pack Size: 1 piece
Product: THERMAGE® 3.0cm² FACE TIP C3 900 REP
Manufacturer: Solta Medical
Strength: 900 REP
Pack Size: 1 piece

Product Specification

Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip is a Treatment Tip for Thermage radiofrequency systems and is designed to treat facial skin and neck skin. All Thermage systems are made up of three parts: a generator; a Handpiece, which is where a Thermage Treatment Tip should be attached; and a cooling unit. The Treatment Tip of a Thermage system functions to transmit radiofrequency produced by the generator of the Thermage device to heat the skin. Due to this, the design of the Treatment Tip used in a treatment with a Thermage device is crucial to help distribute heat evenly into the skin. If a Thermage Treatment Tip is used for an anatomical area it is not designed for, burn injuries or other complications may occur. To ensure that only the targeted layers are heated so as to tighten collagen and stimulate new collagen production, the epidermis is cooled off with the cooling unit of a Thermage system The end result of a single treatment session with a Thermage device and this Treatment Tip is rejuvenated and younger-looking skin.

What Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip is Meant For

Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip has a medium-depth tip of 3.0cm². This information is crucial for the practitioner, as it indicates the areas where this Treatment Tip can be used. The ideal locations for Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip to be used at the face and neck, as its name suggest. The depth of 3.0cm². ensures that radiofrequency energy and, by extension, heat, is distributed evenly across the skin at the treatment area. Additionally, Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip is also capable of transmitting 900 pulses this energy. The result of a Thermage treatment session is a tightened skin appearance that can last for years.


The manufacturer of Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip is Solta Medical Inc., based in Hayward, California.


This medical device comes from the United States.

What Else You Need to Know

When side effects can it cause?

The side effects that commonly occurs with the use of a Thermage device and Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip are redness and swelling after a procedure; however, these side effects are usually transient and require little to no medical intervention. There are also risks of surface irregularities due to fat tissue atrophy, burn injuries that can result in unsightly scars, altered skin sensation at the treated area that can last for weeks, darker skin tone after the treatment that may last for a few months, and lumps that may form on the neck after treatment there. 3

Which skin type is it good for?

Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip is effective on all Fitzpatrick skin types (i.e. all skin colors). 2

What is it made without?

Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip does not contain any steroids; anti-inflammatory drugs; antibiotics; and fragrances, such as parabens.

What are the differences between this Treatment Tip and other Thermage Treatment Tips?

Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip differs from other Thermage Treatment Tips in that it precisely supplies 200, 400, or 900 pulses of radiofrequency energy and has a medium-depth tip of 3.0cm² that makes it suitable for use at the face and neck. Other Treatment Tips may supply a higher or lower amount of pulses and may treat different areas of the body.


Suggested Usage

Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip must only be operated by a trained medical professional that is conversant in using Thermage systems in terms of proper use and managing any complications that may arise. 2 The patient should be advised that the procedure will feel hot and should be told to inform you if the heat becomes painful. Remove the patient’s makeup or jewelry. Place them onto the treatment table and attach the grounding pad onto them. Attach the cable connected to the Thermage device to the grounding pad and secure it to their back. The area of treatment should be cleaned gently with isopropyl alcohol. 2 While the skin is still damp from isopropyl alcohol, place a temporary grid system onto the treatment area to help guide accurate treatment tip placement. Check that the membrane is intact on the treatment tip. Use a generous amount of coupling fluid on the treatment area. Place the Treatment Tip onto the skin and apply pressure evenly. Multiple passes should be conducted for better results; more specifically, there are two known methods for Thermage treatments: two single passes, where two passes are followed by three to five vector passes in the direction the skin tightening is desired; and one super pass, where one row of squares and then one row of circles on the grid are treated in an alternating manner. This latter technique is used with Thermage CPT systems. The epidermis should be allowed to cool between passes. Consider the treatment complete when skin tightening can be felt or seen. Before removing the temporary grid system, apply isopropyl alcohol. Wipe and clean the skin afterwards.


Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip transmits radiofrequency at the 6.78 MHz frequency range. The maximum radiofrequency power that can be operated is 500 Watts. It allows non-ablative multiple treatment levels. This Treatment Tip is attached to the Handpiece of a Thermage system with an electrode that is removable and exchangeable to different sizes. It is only for single-patient use only and is disposable.

What is in a Box?

A box of Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip is available in C1, C2 and C3, each one coming with one sterile 200 REP, 400 REP, or 900 REP membrane tips and a package insert.

Duration of Effect

The effects of a single treatment session with a Thermage system and Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip are estimated to last for a few years. A single treatment session takes just 20 minutes to two hours to complete, according to some medical practitioners.

Storage Conditions

Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip should be stored at room temperature (15 to 30ºC) and away from direct sunlight. Do not expose it to extreme temperatures.

Expiry (Shelf Life)

A Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip can be stored for a few years prior to expiring. Please refer to the expiry date printed on its box for reference. It is recommended that you do not use the product if it is past the expiration date.