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Manufacturer: Solta Medical
Strength: 500 REP
Pack Size: 1 piece
Accessories: package insert

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Product: THERMAGE® 16.0cm² BODY TIP 400 REP
Manufacturer: Solta Medical
Strength: 400 REP
Pack Size: 1 piece
Accessories: package insert

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Product Specification

The Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip is one of the treatment tips available for use with the Thermage CPT system. Thermage treatment tips are typically bought separately from the Thermage CPT system, and different tips are required for the system to treat different body areas. For example, this treatment tip is made to be used to treat cellulite and unwanted bulges on body areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and armpits. If the wrong tip is chosen for an area, complications such as burn injuries are much more likely to occur since it is the treatment tip that determines the even distribution of heat onto the skin. Therefore, to ensure a successful treatment outcome and to minimize the risk of adverse effects, the treatment tip used must correspond appropriately with the treatment area and indication. For suitable patients, treatment with the Thermage CPT system is an excellent alternative to surgery and treatment with a dermal filler.

What is Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip Formulated to Do?

Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip is formulated to transmit 400 or 500 pulses of radiofrequency energy from the Thermage CPT in a defined time range. Additionally, its size of 16.0cm² makes it appropriate for use at the abdomen, thighs, and the armpits, as mentioned previously.


The Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip is manufactured by Solta Medical Inc. This company is based in Hayward, California.


Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip originates from the United States.

What Else You Need to Know

What side effects can it cause?

The side effects from a treatment session with Thermage CPT and Thermage 3.0cm2 Body Tip include redness, pain, and swelling. These particular side effects resolve within 24 hours and do not require any medical treatment. Other side effects such as burn injuries, abnormal sensation at the treatment area, and surface irregularities due to fat atrophy are rare. These rarer side effects require more time to fully heal.

Which skin type is it good for?

Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip can be used on all skin colors without significant variability in results.

What is it made without?

Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip does not contain any steroids, antibiotics, fragrances, or anti-inflammatory drugs.

How many people can it be used on?

A single Thermage 3.0cm2 Body Tip must be used once and only for a single patient. It is not meant to be shared.

What are differences between the Thermage treatment tips?

The Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip treatment tip differs from other Thermage treatment tips in the number of pulses it transmits in a defined time range, its size, and the areas it treats. Other tips have different sizes and/or a different number of pulses they can deliver, and they are suited for use on other treatment areas.

Suggested Usage

Using the Thermage CPT system and Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip 400 REP or any treatment tip for that matter requires skill, experience, and the requisite technical knowledge. Any misuse may result in complications such as scars from burn injuries. Employ a feedback system that guarantees a response from the patient in case the treatment site gets painfully hot. Remove their makeup and jewelry. Remember to attach the grounding pad onto them as they are laid down on the treatment table. Clip the cable attached to the Thermage CPT device to a grounding pad and secure this pad to either the back or abdomen of the patient. Clean the skin at the treatment area with isopropyl alcohol. Place the temporary grid system from a Thermage Skin Marking Paper onto the treatment site while it is still damp. Next, Coupling Fluid should be applied. Ensure the membrane on the Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip being used is intact throughout the process. After you do that, initiate contact between the treatment tip and the skin. Apply even pressure on the treatment tip when it is in contact with the skin. Pulses should be delivered in passes. Passes can be carried out via one of two techniques: two single passes with three to five vector passes in the direction the skin needs to be tightened, or one super pass (which is recommended for the Thermage CPT system) that consists of treating one row of squares and then one row of circles on the grid in an alternating manner. It is essential that the skin surface is allowed to cool before moving on to the next pass. You may stop the treatment procedure once the skin tightening effects are observed or felt.


The Thermage CPT system generates radiofrequency energy at a frequency of 6.78 MHz. The entire system operates at 500 Watts.

What Comes in a Box of this Product?

A pack of this product comes with a package insert and a single sterile Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip.

Duration of Effect

The effects of a single treatment session with Thermage CPT and Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip are able to last for a few years.

Storage Conditions

Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip can be kept safely at room temperature and should be placed away from direct sunlight.

Expiry (Shelf Life)

A Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip is able to last for a few years before expiring. For specific dates on the expiration of a Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip, please refer its packaging. A Thermage 16.0cm² Body Tip must not be used past its expiry date.