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Manufacturer: Vivacy
Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid, lidocaine, mannitol
Strength: 18.5mg/ml, 3mg/ml
Pack Size: 1-1ml prefilled syringe
Accessories: Package insert, 2-30G 1/2
Other Known Names: STYLAGE® Special Lips w/Lido (1x1ml)
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What is Stylage Special Lips with Lidocaine?

Product Specification

Stylage Special Lips w/ Lidocaine works to plump thin, aging lips. Made with hydrating hyaluronic acid, it deeply moisturizes and volumizes the lips for a naturally enhanced look. Additionally, the presence of mannitol (an antioxidant) and lidocaine (an anesthetic) gives this product an edge on its competitors: together, these 2 ingredients reduce pain during the injection process and aid in healing. With this, patients can achieve the beautiful lips they desire in a pain-free manner.

What Stylage Special Lips w/ Lidocaine is formulated to do

Styalge Special Lips w/ Lidocaine instantly plumps the lips with hyaluronic acid’s natural water-attracting properties. In doing so, lips look smoother, are freed of lines and texture, and become fuller and more proportionate.

Aging and environmental factors take a toll on the lips, causing free radical damage in the cells. However, this formula’s inclusion of mannitol helps to prevent and reverse this harm: its antioxidant properties ward off damage, while also helping to protect the injected hyaluronic acid from premature degradation. With this, the treatment’s results are also able to last longer.

What’s more, given that the lip area is more sensitive than other parts of the face, lidocaine helps to reduce the pain associated with the injection process. As such, even patients with sensitive skin and low pain tolerance may enjoy the excellent results of this treatment.


Stylage Special Lips w/ Lidocaine was developed by Laboratories Vivacy. 


This lip filler is manufactured in Europe.

What else you need to know

When can Stylage Special Lips w/ Lidocaine cause side effects? 

The hyaluronic acid used in this formula is hypoallergenic, and is thus appropriate for use in most patients. However, some injection-related side effects may occur. Advise your patients to inform you about redness, tenderness, itchiness, swelling, and discoloration that lasts for over a week.

Please note that the lidocaine and mannitol present in this formula will assist with pain and reduce the chances of infection. For more information about possible side effects, precautions, and contraindications associated with this product, view the instructional leaflet available in the package.

Which skin type is Stylage Special Lips w/ Lidocaine good for? 

Patients with mature and sensitive skin will appreciate the benefits of this lip filler, as it combats both the loss of hyaluronic acid brought on by aging and injection-related pain. Also, patients who are looking to augment their lips are also great candidates for this treatment.

What is Stylage Special Lips w/ Lidocaine made without? 

This dermal filler does not contain animal byproducts or ingredients that have not been clinically tested to perform lip augmentation.

Information about tube or containers 

Each piece of equipment supplied in this package is for single use only. When opening the package, be sure to separate tubes and containers from any other materials that have not yet been sterilized. Only licensed and trained medical professionals should handle this dermal item. 

This product is dermatologist tested. 

This lip filler is clinically proven to perform lip augmentation successfully, with long-lasting results.

What is the difference between Stylage Special Lips w/ Lidocaine, Stylage Hydromax, and Stylage XXL?

Stylage Special Lips w/ Lidocaine is a lip filler, whereas Stylage Hydromax is specifically intended to restore hydration to the face, neck, back of the hands, and neckline. Likewise, Stylage XXL allows you to return volume to parts of the face that are saggy and undefined through facial sculpting.

Suggested Usage

  • Prepare the lips for the injection, following disinfectant protocol.
  • A topical numbing cream is not necessary as the addition of lidocaine soothes pain and discomfort at the injection site. Patients may ask for an additional anesthetic—administer accordingly.
  • Attach the pre-filled tube to 1 of the sterile needles provided in the package. Do not use any other needle.
  • Release air bubbles from the syringe and inject into the lip mucosa.
  • Massage gently after injection to reduce the occurrence of lumps.
  • Dispose of leftover materials safely and carefully.



This filler contains several active ingredients, including 18.5mg/g of sodium hyaluronate, a phosphate buffer (pH 7.2), mannitol, and 0.3% lidocaine hydrochloride. To learn more about these ingredients and what they are intended to do for your patients, read through the product leaflet.

What is in the box 

  • 1 pre-filled 1ml syringe
  • 2-30G½” sterile needles
  • Traceability labels
  • Package insert with ingredient information and use instructions

Duration of effect 

This dermal filler is resilient within the skin: despite the highly mobile nature of the lip area, Stylage Special Lips w/ Lidocaine holds its shape for 6–9 months. Results may vary with each individual patient due to skin type, lifestyle habits, and exposure to environmental factors. Touch-ups are generally administered 1–2 times a year, depending on the patient.

Storage conditions 

Most medicines are delicate and require specific storage conditions in order to reduce the risk of premature degradation. This product must be stored between 2 and 25 degrees Celsius to ensure optimal performance.

Expiry (shelf life) 

This lip filler has a labeled shelf life of 2 years when stored correctly.

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