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Manufacturer: Galderma
Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid
Strength: 20mg/ml
Pack Size: 1-2ml prefilled syringe
Accessories: Package insert, 2 tracebility labels

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What is the product specification?

Restylane SubQ is an injectable implant that is composed of 20mg/ml of non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA). Sunken areas and lax skin are plumped and lifted for a healthy appearance. This product is used for facial contouring and augmentation.

What is Restylane SubQ formulated to do?

Restylane SubQ is formulated to restore volume in sunken facial areas. It is perfect for sculpting facial contours effectively according to patients’ preferences.


The original manufacturer was Qmed (Sweden). Galderma (a Swiss company) then acquired Qmed. 


This product originated in Sweden.

What else should you know

When can it cause side effects?

The commonly reported side effects caused by implantation of this filler are tenderness, pain, redness, swelling, itchiness, swelling, and discoloration. These injection-related reactions typically resolve within a week.

Which skin type is it good for?

Restylane SubQ is ideal for patients who are affected by loss of facial volume in various areas like the cheeks. This implant can be used to effectively sculpt facial contours for a well-defined look.

What is it made without?

This facial volume restoring implant is a non-animal product.

Information about tube or containers

The 20mg/ml of NASHA gel is supplied in a 2ml syringe with a Luer lock fitting.

What are the differences between the products?

Restylane fillers are differentiated based on the concentration as well as the size of the hyaluronic acid particles. Some of the fillers are integrated with fast-relief lidocaine for a pain-free treatment session. The wide variety of fillers are indicated to correct numerous aesthetic imperfections.

What is the suggested usage?

Prior to the treatment, patients’ medical history and facial imperfections must be assessed to determine the best treatment goals for them. Initial consultation is also the best time to discuss with your patients about the probable side effects, precautions, and aftercare methods that they should follow for quicker recovery. On the day of treatment, commence the session by sanitizing and cleaning the proposed treatment areas. Assemble the medical device by attaching a suitably sized needle onto the preloaded syringe and apply some localized pain numbing cream. You may then implant the filler into the deep subcutaneous or supraperiostal layers depending on the problematic areas. Once adequate correction is done, gently massage the areas to ensure good gel distribution and discard any contaminated wastes.

What is the composition?

This skin volumizing implant is composed of 20mg/mL of NASHA. The particles are larger compared to other Restylane fillers which makes it perfect for deep tissue injections and subsequently, extensive facial volume augmentation. The hyaluronic acid molecules are extracted and purified biotechnologically; so, patients with avian allergy can be treated using this filler safely.

What is in the box?

Each box of Restylane SubQ comes with One 2ml prefilled syringe, product information pamphlet, and two traceability record labels.

What is the duration of effect?

Due to the presence of larger hyaluronic acid particle size, this filler is able to resists premature degradation for a longer time. Results should last up to six to 12 months.

What is the storage condition?

This product must be stored in a clean and dry storage place with a room temperature up to 25℃. It must also be kept protected from freezing conditions and sunlight.

What is the shelf life?

Refer to the expiry date on the package.