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Professional Skincare



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Professional Skincare (Creams and Serums)

Why it is important to use creams

Environmental stressors such as sunlight and pollution may harm the skin, causing premature aging and unhealthy skin. While exposure to these external aggressors is inevitable, consistent use of anti-aging and exfoliating creams may improve the appearance of aging skin and prevent further damage. Creams and other skincare products help to strengthen the skin natural defense against environmental aggressors through the repairing actions of their active ingredients. This eventually improves the overall skin quality and restores the youthful appearance.

How skincare products work

Skincare products all have different functions and are formulated using specific ingredients to target certain concerns. Skincare products work by cleaning, treating, and protecting the skin.

Prior to application of any cream or treatment, the skin should be thoroughly cleansed to facilitate penetration of active ingredients. Apply the product to areas that require treatment using clean hands. You may also want to recommend your patients use several products to maintain skin health.

For example, Restylane Day Cream should be used in conjunction with a sunscreen (a minimum of SPF 15 is recommended). An alternative is Restylane Day Cream SPF15, which, as its name indicates, is already formulated with sun protection. This shields the skin from harmful UV rays, which is the primary cause of photo-aging. Patients using treatments containing retinal also apply a sunscreen of SPF30. Retinal can make the skin more sensitive to the sun.

What it is use for?

Anti-aging creams and other skincare products can shield the skin from harmful external stressors by fighting free radicals.

All products have specific formulations to target individual needs. Skincare products are used for cleansing, toning, acne treatment, brightening, and anti-aging, just to name a few.

Why buying skincare products from Raskel Medical is the perfect solution

Why use skincare products

Skincare products are specially formulated for delivering dramatic results. Formulated using effective yet safe ingredients, creams and other skincare products are very unlikely to cause side effects. Manufactured in accordance to stringent quality standards, the popular brands such as ZO and Restylane, are trusted by patients and practitioners alike. In contrast to other products that offer quick fix, Restylane and ZO creams are designed to enhance the skin’s innate ability to fight off environmental aggressors, delivering anti-aging results that last.

Why choose Raskel Medical

Raskel Medical carries genuine brand name products at affordable prices. Through our price matching policy, you can get quality creams and skincare products at the best price. Shipping to more than 85 countries worldwide, Raskel Medical is the go-to source for skincare and aesthetic products.

The perfect solution:

Raskel Medical only offers popular, brand name products that work. The brands we carry are trusted and used by patients and doctors worldwide. As well, each product is specially formulated using potent ingredients in order to target specific skin concerns, such as acne, dry skin, or fine lines and wrinkles.


Hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally-occurring element abundant in cartilage and tissues, has powerful hydrating effects on the skin. Some anti-aging creams replenish the hyaluronic acid lost due to aging, thereby creating moisturized and plump skin. Retinal is another popular ingredient that helps to exfoliate the skin and encourage new cell growth. Other ingredients contained in popular products include herbal extracts, essential vitamins and minerals, zinc, and salicylic acid. These ingredients work to target certain skin issues in order to support and encourage optimal skin health.

Popular products

Some of the best-selling creams are Restylane Day Cream, Day Cream SPF 15 and Recover Cream. Infused with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, the creams rejuvenate and rebalance the moisture level of the skin, while building a protective barrier to fight off environmental pollutants.

Other popular skincare products and skin creams are from the ZO range. ZO Skincare has several lines, including their medical range, Offects, Olluminate, Ommerse, and Ossential. The extensive line includes Zo Offects Exfoliating Cleanser, ZO Blemishbright Blemish Clearing Treatment, and ZO Retamax Active Vitamin A Micro Emulsion.

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