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Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine Product specifications

Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine is an injectable cosmetic implant made of cross-linked hyaluronic acid. It is used to restore the contour and volume in the face and lips. Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine is administered via injections into the deep dermis for volume restoration and skin tissue augmentation. Hyaluronic acid attracts and retain hydration in the extracellular matrix of dermal tissue, which, in turn, provides support and lift at the implantation area. This formula contains the anesthetic agent lidocaine for greater patient comfort during the injection process.

What Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine is formulated to do

Age and long-term exposure to external factors like UV rays and pollution can result in skin that is wrinkled, lax, and dull-looking. Counteract these signs of aging with Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine. This dermal injectable restores hydration and volume through the action of hyaluronic acid, which attracts and binds water in the skin. Carefully formulated to have high elasticity, doctors use this dermal injection to augment the cheeks and lips, reshape the nose, correct the mandible, remodel the chin, and/or rejuvenate the back of the hands. As well, this skin filler contains the anesthetic lidocaine for the reduction of injection pain. As the hyaluronic acid in Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine is of bacterial origin, there is a lower risk of allergic reactions occurring with this treatment, making this dermal filler suitable for all skin types.


This dermal filler was developed and is manufactured by MD Skin Solutions, a medical aesthetics company based in Luxembourg with a niche towards developing anti-aging solutions and therapies.

Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine is made in Europe in a laboratory that is ISO 13485 certified.

What else you need to know

When can it cause side effects?

Although treatments with face fillers are generally regarded as safe, this product should not be used in patients who are allergic to hyaluronic acid or lidocaine, who are prone to hypertrophic scarring, or who have active skin inflammation or infections at the planned site of injection. In addition, this procedure is not recommended for pregnant women and individuals under the age of 18.
After treatment, patients may experience some post-injection effects, such as redness, itching, tenderness, or bruising at the site of injection. These effects are usually mild and will usually fully subside in less than 48 hours. Should these reactions persist or worsen, your patient should seek medical attention.

Which skin type is it good for?

Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine is suitable to be used on all skin types, as long as the proposed treatment site is not infected or inflamed.

What it is made without?

Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine is made of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin for maximum tolerance within the human body.

What are the differences between the products in the Pluryal range?

Each cosmetic injectable in the Pluryal range is formulated to target specific areas and concerns based on the concentration and particle size of hyaluronic acid. Other fillers in the line include Classic, Meso I, Meso II, Pluryal, and Booster. Many of these injectables are also available with lidocaine.

Suggested usage

  • This treatment should only be carried out by a licensed and qualified medical professional who has undergone training for the appropriate injection techniques for using dermal fillers.
  • Ensure that the patient is fully informed beforehand on the expected results, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and potential adverse effects that may occur with this treatment.
  • Prepare the treatment site by disinfecting the area with alcohol or a suitable antiseptic.
  • Treatment with Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine consists of an injection into the deep dermis using a 27G½” needle. Use proper aseptic techniques and the appropriate injection technique(s) to achieve the desired correction.
  • After injecting, massage the treated area lightly to ensure the even distribution of the product.
  • Advise the patient to minimize their exposure to extreme temperatures and the sun for one week after the treatment.


Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine is a sterile, transparent gel made of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate at a concentration of 23mg/ml and contains lidocaine hydrochloride at a concentration of 0.3% for pain relief during the injection process.

What is in the box?

  • 2 prefilled 1ml syringes
  • 4-27G½” needles
  • Traceability labels
  • Package insert

Duration of effect

Patients can expect the effects of their treatment to last for at least a year. To maintain these results, patients should return every 12–16 months for follow-up treatments.

Storage conditions

Store Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine at a temperature between 2–25°C. Keep this product out of direct sunlight.

Expiry (shelf life)

  • Refer to the product packaging of this skin filler for the expiry date.