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Manufacturer: MD Skin Solutions
Active Substance(s) : Sodium hyaluronate
Pack Size: 3-5ml vials
Accessories: Package insert, 6 traceability labels

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What is Pluryal® Meso II?

Pluryal Meso II is transparent, sterile dermal injectable from the Pluryal Meso range of facial fillers, which are designed to revitalize skin that has been damaged by age and other external factors such as sun damage and pollution. This anti-aging solution offers deep bio-revitalization that helps correct skin imperfects and prevent further damage from occurring. Overall, patients can expect smoother, tighter, and more hydrated skin from treatment with this skin booster.

What Pluryal Meso II is formulated to do:

As the skin ages and is damaged by harmful external elements, the nutrients within the skin that keep it looking tight and young begin to deplete. One of these key substances is hyaluronic acid, which is largely responsible for maintaining moisture within the skin. Treatment with Pluryal Meso II restores hyaluronic acid to the skin, increasing plumpness and helping to erase fine lines and other skin imperfections. Choline is also included in the formula to decrease sagginess and enhance texture. An amino acid complex adds extra nourishment that helps stimulate cell function while giving antioxidant defense against harmful free radicals. Treatment is perfect for the skin of the face, neck, decolletage, and the backs of the hands in patients aged 40 and older.


Pluryal Meso II is manufactured in Luxembourg and distributed by anti-aging solution company MD Skin Solutions.


All ingredients in this dermal injectable are of non-animal origin, including the hyaluronic acid.

What else you need to know:

Results will start to show themselves almost instantly after the first treatment. However, there are some mild temporary side effects that may occur, including pain, redness, rash, itching, and swelling. These reactions will manifest immediately or shortly after injection but should resolve themselves without intervention within a few days. Pluryal Meso II is more suited for more mature skin with more damage, compared to other fillers in the Pluryal Meso product range. The ingredients in this dermal injection are very biocompatible and thus an allergy test is not required prior to use. However, this treatment may not be suitable for all patients, and should not be used on individuals with a hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, patients with an autoimmune disorder or a history of streptococcal infections, or individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Suggested Usage

The suggested directions for usage are as follows:

  • Inject into the skin of the face, neck, decolletage, or the back of the hands.
  • Inject the solution intradermally through a series of microinjections in the areas that need correction. A mesotherapy-style technique is recommended for injection.
  • Once injection is complete, massage the treated area in order to distribute the implant evenly.
  • The initial treatment should be conducted over 4 sessions occurring a week apart. Following the initial phase, 2 sessions should be administered at a month apart.
  • To maintain results, patients should receive follow up injections every 2 to 6 months.


Pluryal Meso II is composed of hyaluronic acid sodium salt, which is responsible for much of the hydrating benefits of the treatment. An amino acid complex containing glycine, L-serine, L-alanine, L-proline, L-lysine hydrochloride, and L-cysteine introduces antioxidant benefits to the skin. Choline bitartrate, sodium chloride, and a phosphate buffer system are also including in the ingredients list.

What is in the box

Each box of Pluryal Meso II includes:

  • 3 ampoules containing 5 ml of solution
  • 2 labels for tracing
  • Device manual insert

Duration of effect

The duration of effect will be different by patient, with the longevity of results depending on a variety of factors, including the age and lifestyle of the individual, as well as the skin type, correction required, and injection technique used. On average, patients can expect 2 to 6 months to pass before they require follow up treatments to maintain the desired results.

Storage conditions

Pluryal Meso II should be stored in its original box. Keep away from light, heat, and frost to ensure the solution does not degrade prematurely. This solution comes in sterile packaging that should be kept in a dry location between the temperatures of 2° C and 25° C. Handle the product with care and always ensure the package has not been tampered with prior to use.

Expiry (shelf life)

  • The expiry date is printed on the package label of every box. Do not use the solution if it is passed the expiration date.