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Otolaryngology (Implantable Clip System)

Why it is important to use otolaryngology products

Ostapostasis a common condition that often causes people to feel self-conscious about their appearance, especially in older children or adults who are more appearance-conscious. While this do not impair hearing ability, prominent ears cause a deviation from ideal facial proportions. Corrective surgeries for prominent ears are invasive in nature and, as with any surgeries, they may result in complications. Otolaryngology products such as Earfold Implantable Clip System is an innovative way of fixing the appearance of prominent ears without the need of conventional surgical procedures.

Specialists in this field treat conditions of the neck and head, such as the throat, nose, and ears. For patients who may not want to undergo traditional ear-pinning surgeries, or who do not want to experience a lengthy recovery, otolaryngology devices are a safe alternative.

How otolaryngology products work

Otolaryngology devices such as Earfold Implantable Clip System are essentially corrective devices made of nickel-titanium alloy (nitinol) that are molded into a specially-designed shape. Nitinol is highly resistant to metal fatigue and always goes back to the predetermined shape thanks to its elastic properties.

The device is affixed to the cartilage, folding the cartilage back in shape when it is released. The treatment system improves the appearance of prominent ears by keeping the ears in a position nearer to the head.

Otolaryngology treatments should be tailored to the need of each patient. The optimum orientation and position of Earfold implant are determined through trial and error.

What is it used for?

Earfold Implantable Clip System is a device used to alter and mold ear shapes. More specifically, Earfold device corrects the shape of anti-helical fold, thereby improving the look of prominent ears. The device is indicated for clients who are self-conscious about the appearance of their prominent ears. The cartilage implant is a safer and less-invasive alternative to the conventional otoplasty surgery. Ear-shape correcting devices can be used in conjunction with a cartilage-weakening treatment for better ear-shaping effects. For the best results, the devices should not be removed from the cartilage.

  • 1: Why use otolaryngology products

    Anatomically, prominent ears are caused by a shortened longitudinal axis of the pinna. Although scientifically unsound, prominent ears are often portrayed negatively in media, for example, they are frequently associated with low intellect or immaturity. While they do not actually impair hearing function, prominent ears may lead to low self-esteem and even a lower quality of life. Prominent ears, a form of low-grade auricular dysplasia, can be corrected via plastic surgery; however, as with all surgeries, there is a risk of complications. Otolaryngology devices, such as Earfold Implantable Clip System, are a safer alternative to correct the appearance of prominent ears.

  • 2: Why choose Raskel Medical

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The perfect solution:

The Earfold treatment system is made up of 3 major parts, including the Earfold introducer, the positioner, and perhaps most importantly, the Earfold implant. This allows for more accurate results, so your patient can feel more confident about their appearance.


The Earfold implant exerts its molding and shaping effects by folding back the cartilage. It supports and keeps the ears in a position nearer to the head, thus correcting the look of prominent ears. Made of a highly elastic material called nitinol, the implant is able to resume its position and keeping the ears in place.

Popular products

The Earfold Implantable Clip System is a popular otolaryngology device that can be used to fix the appearance of prominent ears. Designed with a unique shape and made of the state-of-the-art material, Earfold Implantable Clip System modifies and molds ear shape permanently, dramatically improving the look of prominent ears.

End Note

Although functionally intact, prominent ears usually have negative connotations due to a negative portrayal in media and popular culture. This may create insecurities and lead to low self-esteem. Otolaryngology treatments, such as the Earfold Implantable Clip System, offer a minimally-invasive way of correcting the look of prominent ears, thereby boosting self-confidence and empowering patients to live life to its fullest. Being extensively tested in clinical studies, otolaryngology devices deliver reliable and instant results to enhance the appearance of patients. Help your patients regain their confidence today with otolaryngology treatments.

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