Can I Get Rid of Eyebags with Restylane

Dark circles under the eyes and eye bags are difficult to correct because patients often have a genetic predisposition for the defect. This cosmetic problem is sometimes managed surgically by performing blepharoplasty, which involves removal of excess skin and fat under the eyes. In some cases, the procedure can backfire, especially if the under eye deformity is due to lack of fat in the tear troughs. Removing fats and excess skin in this area can result to a more hollowed under eyes.

A non-invasive alternative to surgery is facial filler injection. Dermal implants are popular cosmetic procedures for smoothing out lines and wrinkles and volumizing hollow areas of the face, but some variants can also be used under the eyes. Hyaluronic acid is the preferred ingredient because its biodegradable and non-animal derived, which means post-injection allergic reactions are rare.

Why doctors choose Restylane for under eye problems

Orbital hollowing or tear trough deformities can make the under eyes look puffy or darker due to shadowing. Eye bags also appear larger when there is a hollow tear trough. Hyaluronic acid is injected into this area to lift the tear trough so that it flattens up to the level of the cheek and lower eyelid. By smoothing the appearance of orbital hollowing, dark circles are reduced and eye bags are minimized. But what’s the best dermal filler brand for under eyes?

There are different brands of temporary gel fillers that can correct under eye problems, but Restylane is the favorite brand for this indication because they produce natural-looking results with less side effects. Restylane Silk, in particular, has a smooth consistency and doesn’t get lumpy nor spread out within the skin tissues after injection. Filler migration is a problem because it creates inconsistent results.

Restylane injection techniques for under eyes

While Juvederm and Restylane are both hyaluronic acid fillers, doctors employ a slightly different technique when injecting Restylane into the under eyes. The injector uses a flat cannula, the same with Juvederm injections, but they inject the filler at a deeper level almost close to the bone. The outcome has less swelling, bruising, and minimal downtime. The use of cannulas is to prevent vascular compromise because accidentally hitting a blood vessel around the eyes can cause permanent blindness. It is very important to choose a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon to treat the tear trough and other sensitive areas near the eyes.

Not all eye bag cases can be treated with a dermal filler. For example, when there is an excess of fat in this area that causes eye bags, adding more volume can amplify the puffy appearance of the under eyes. Hyaluronic acid fillers are only helpful if dark circles and eye bags are caused by a hollow tear trough. Filling the tear trough smoothens the under eyes, making eye bags appear smaller. For the same reason, overcorrection has to be avoided in this area because it can worsen the appearance of under eye bags.