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Everything You Need to Know About Chemical Peels: Cost & Benefits

What are chemical peels and how do they work
What do chemical peels do? Chemical peels are an ancient form of skincare that smooths the skin and improves its color and texture. They are able to treat a number of skin imperfections including lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, and even acne scars. What are chemical peels? Chemical peels involve having a doctor apply an acid solution to the skin, which then works to remove the most superficial layer (or layers, depending on the strength of the peeling solution) of the skin. The peeling solution causes the skin to crust and peel, revealing the younger, healthier skin beneath. Chemical peels for acne scars The process of exfoliation and cell turnover triggered by the chemical peel solution can help reduce or eliminate the appearance of blemishes and scars that have been caused by acne. Material There are a number of different materials that can be used for an effective chemical peel. Glycolic acid – often used in over-the-counter “cosmeceuticals,” this al ...

Botox Treatment for Chronic Migraine: Cost, Treatment, and Benefits

Botox Treatment for Chronic Migraine
Botox for migraine headaches Botox has been used as a medical treatment for a multitude of conditions for decades. Since 2010, it has also been approved for the treatment of chronic migraines in adults. The active ingredient in Botox, botulinum toxin type A, is a neurotoxin that paralyzes muscles by blocking signals that travel between the nerves and the brain. For headaches, it is believed that Botox blocks the neurotransmitters that signal pain, leaving patients pain-free. If you have been diagnosed with migraine headaches and suffer from headaches on most days of the month, then Botox may be a suitable treatment. Having headaches on most days means experiencing symptoms of headaches 15 or more days of the month, with at least 8 of these days including migraines. Types of BTX injections for migraine The type of Botox injections required to treat migraines differs from the injection technique used in other Botox treatments. Though the ingredients used in both the Botox used to trea ...

Facial Rejuvenation Guide: Key Facts About Dermal Fillers

Facial rejuvenation dermal fillers injections
What are injectable facial fillers and how do they work Injectable facial fillers are a minimally-invasive, non-surgical anti-aging solution. Sometimes referred to as a “liquid facelift,” facial filler treatments are quick and often start to show results immediately, with little downtime after treatment. Facial fillers typically offer temporary results and work by injecting biomaterials into the skin that have either been lost due to the process of aging, such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, or that will help stimulate cellular function to restore elasticity, moisture, and firmness or otherwise lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles within the skin for an overall younger appearance. Facial fillers can revitalize the skin, correct superficial to severe lines and wrinkles, add volume, and even sculpt the facial contour. What is the golden ratio (aesthetic)? The golden ratio is a mathematical equation that results in a ratio of 1:1.618 that scholars have found in nature, arch ...