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Natrelle™ Inspira Smooth 295g (N-SSF295)

Manufacturer: Allergan
Active Substance(s) : TruForm 2
Strength: 295g
Pack Size: 1 implant
Accessories: Instruction manual
Other Known Names: N-SSF295 - TruForm 2 - Soft Touch
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Natrelle Inspira Smooth is a silicone-filled breast implant. It is mainly indicated for breast reconstruction, including primary reconstruction. Furthermore, Natrelle Inspira Smooth is suitable for use in breast augmentation. This includes primary breast augmentation (for breast size enhancement). Natrelle Inspira Smooth is also suitable for use in revision surgery (for the improvement and correction of the results of a previous breast reconstruction/ augmentation procedure). Natrelle Inspira Smooth provides projection and volume after being implanted under the major ‘pec’ muscle, or subglandularly on top of the muscle. This product has a volume of 295CC, and falls under the category of full projection breast implant. Natrelle Inspira is produced by Allergan.


  • Active ingredient(s): Silicone gel

Main Features

  • Incorporated with cross linking technology
  • Available in systematic diameter sizing
  • Infused with shape-holding gummy gel

Overview of Natrelle Inspira

Natrelle Inspira Smooth is a breast implant developed by Allergan Inc. It is used for augmenting and reconstructing the breasts (for the replacement of breast tissues that have been removed due to cancer or trauma, or that have not adequately developed as a result of a serious abnormality). The main component of Natrelle Inspira Smooth is silicone gel. Buy Natrelle Inspira Smooth from Raskel Medical to help your patients achieve an enhanced breast size.