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Manufacturer: Allergan
Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid, lidocaine
Strength: 24mg/ml, and 3mg/ml
Pack Size: 2-1ml prefilled syringes
Accessories: Package insert, 4-27G 1/2” needles, 4 traceability labels
Other Known Names: Juvederm Ultra Plus XC
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Juvederm® Ultra 3 Product specifications

Juvederm Ultra 3 is an injectable aesthetic filler made with 24mg/ml of highly viscous and elastic synthetic hyaluronic acid gel. The filler is also integrated with 0.3% lidocaine, a fast-relief anesthetic for a pain-free treatment session. Hyaluronic acid molecules are derived biotechnologically, purified and processed with Hyalacross™ Technology to produce an implant gel with an extremely smooth consistency.


What is Juvederm Ultra 3 formulated to do?

Signs of aging are usually very evident on the skin and are characterized by the formation of wrinkles and folds. The skin may also appear more dull and dry. Hence, patients may notice unsightly skin creases in the expressive areas, like nasogenian furrows, of the face. Once treated with Juvederm Ultra 3, creases are smoothed out. As well, doctors sometimes use this filler to fill pitted scars and to augment the lips.


Who is the manufacturer?

This soft tissue filler is manufactured by Allergan, a globally renowned pharmaceutical company.


What is the country of origin?

This medical device is made in Europe.


What else do you need to know?


When can it cause side effects?

More often than not, patients may exhibit common inflammatory side effects associated with the injection process such as pain, redness, swelling, and itchiness. Educate your patients on appropriate aftercare methods, such as to avoid makeup and harsh temperatures to quicken skin healing. Usually, the mild aftereffects should abate within a week. On the other hand, patients may even experience severe reactions like pus, infections, and allergic reactions if the procedure is not conducted with strict adherence to aseptic medical standards or the manufacturer’s instructions. Immediate medical attention may be necessary to combat severe reactions safely.


Which skin type is it good for?

This soft tissue filler is specially designed for skin affected by medium to deep wrinkles and skin depressions like nasolabial folds. The filler is suitable for most skin types.


What is it made without?

The hyaluronic acid in this implant is derived from bacterial fermentation, which is then purified to be free from any endotoxins and animal proteins.


Information about tube or containers

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel integrated with lidocaine is supplied in a 1ml syringe.


What are the differences between the products?

Juvederm Ultra consists of 4 different fillers, including Ultra Smile and Ultra 2, 3, and 4. These implants have the same gel formulation—24mg/ml of cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel integrated with 0.3% lidocaine. However, the fillers differ in terms of functionality, due to the HA molecule size, and targeted areas of correction.


What is the suggested usage?

Certified and experienced medical practitioners specializing in dermal filler injections should first conduct thorough medical and facial assessments to ensure patient suitability and best treatment goals for clients. Initial consultation sessions should also be used for to prepare patients for the procedure. In the initial consultation, the practitioner should explain the possible side effects, precautions, and contraindications of the filler. On the day of treatment, commence the session by sanitizing the proposed treatment areas. Assemble the medical device by securing a sterile needle onto the preloaded syringe. You may then administer the implant aseptically via mid to deep dermis injections. Gently massage the treated areas for better gel integration. Avoid overcorrecting as it may result in unnatural looking results and discard any remaining gel.


What is the composition?

This dermal filler is composed of 24mg/ml of highly viscous and elastic synthetic hyaluronic acid gel. The filler is also integrated with 0.3% lidocaine, a fast-relief anesthetic. Hyaluronic acid is cross-linked via Hyalacross Technology to produce a filler gel with a supremely smooth consistency. Following implantation, the monophasic filler gel plumps the skin to lift depressions and smooth wrinkles without unwanted gel displacement.


What is in the box?

A box of Juvederm Ultra 3 comes with comes with 2 prefilled 1ml syringes and 4 sterile single-use 27G½” sterile needle, a device manual, and patient record labels to ensure traceability.


What is the duration of effect?

This aesthetic implant is stabilized to withstand degradation to provide skin plumping actions for up to 12 months. After the stipulated time, the filler material will be disintegrated into the surrounding tissues without any traces left behind.


What is the storage condition?

Store this fragile medical device in its original sterilized packaging in a clean and dry place with temperature ranging between 2℃ to 25℃.