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Manufacturer: Professional Derma SA
Pack Size: 5-8ml masks
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Manufacturer: Professional Derma SA
Pack Size: 11-8ml masks
You can save $60.00 if you add an additional 5 units to your cart.

Product Specification

Jalupro Face Masks are non-woven polyethylene masks that are vacuum packed in an inert atmosphere. There are three types of Jalupro Face Masks: one for the neck and décolleté, one for the face, and one for the eyes. The occlusive layer of these masks are made with polyethylene to increase the absorption of their active materials. These masks’ vacuum packaging in an inert atmosphere preserves them and prevents the premature degradation of their active ingredients. These masks are soaked in medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid, so they have excellent hydrating activity and an inherent good level of absorption. These masks also contain a number of amino acids, such as glycine and l-leucine, to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which are compounds that are crucial in skin rejuvenation. After a Jalupro Face Mask is applied to skin, the end result is well-hydrated, tighter skin that has less wrinkles. Jalupro Face Masks are suitable for at-home use.

What are Jalupro Face Masks Formulated to Do

Jalupro Face Masks are formulated to improve the appearance of wrinkles, dehydrated and inelastic skin, and cutaneous sagging. All of these are manifestations of skin aging and chronic and sustained damage that is accumulated over the years. The active ingredients from these masks are absorbed readily into the skin to bring about the desired aesthetic effects without causing much discomfort. The effects of these masks can be synergized with other existing Jalupro products such as Jalupro and Jalupro HMW. These products can be used together to provide seamless results. It is recommended that a Jalupro Face Mask be used the day after Jalupro or Jalupro HMW are administered and during the interval between treatments (i.e. twice weekly). Jalupro Face Masks can also be used with other aesthetic medicine procedures such as needling, intense pulsed light, laser, and radiofrequency therapies to provide even better results.


Jalupro Face Masks are made by Professional Derma SA, which is situated in Lugano, Switzerland.


Jalupro Face Masks originate from Switzerland.

What Else You Need to Know

What side effects can it cause?

It is rare and unusual for any of the different Jalupro Face Masks to cause any side effects. They are completely safe and non-hazardous products. Patients who use them can expect a virtually complication-free experience unless they have a history of allergic reactions to any of ingredients used in these masks. Patients are advised to check the ingredients first prior to using the face mask.

Which skin type is it good for?

Jalupro Face Masks can be used on any skin type without significant adverse effects.

What are they made without?

Jalupro Face Masks are made without medications, including steroids, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Are these masks dermatologist tested?

Jalupro Face Masks are tested and used by many dermatologists.

What are the differences between Jalupro products?

All Jalupro Face Masks contain essentially the same ingredients and treat the same indications. Meanwhile, the Jalupro injectable products—Jalupro HMW and Jalupro—are sterile and absorbable injectable solutions that both come with a bottle that contains a solution of amino acids and a bottle that contains a gel of sodium hyaluronate. Some of their indications, such as wrinkles, are the same. The Jalupro Enhancer Gel differs from the rest of the lineup in that it is meant for the eyelashes and eyebrows. It is an innovative gel solution that has red clover extract that is capable of increasing the thickness of eyelashes and eyebrows through continued use; major improvements can be noted just after two months.

Suggested Usage

A Jalupro Face Mask must be used only after the face is cleaned. Make sure you clean your face with warm water and mild soap. When applying a Jalupro Face Mask, please ensure that it adheres thoroughly onto the skin. Once applied, leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. When this time has passed, remove the mask and massage the skin to facilitate penetration of the active ingredients into your skin.


Jalupro Face Masks are each made from medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid and certain amino acids (i.e. glycine, L-proline, L-lysine, and L-leucine). The hyaluronic acid and amino acids help significantly with rehydrating the skin and stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis, respectively.

What Comes in Packages of Jalupro Face Masks?

Jalupro Face Masks, regardless of the particular mask shape, comes in packages that each contain a package insert and four masks. 

Storage Conditions

Jalupro Face Masks should be kept at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

Expiry (Shelf Life)

Jalupro Face Masks can be stored for a few years before they expire. For more information on the expiry date of a Jalupro Face Mask, please refer to its packaging. Jalupro Face Masks should not be used past their expiration dates.