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What are implant products?

Breast implants are prostheses used to change the size and shape of a person's breast. They are commonly used to enhance the appearance of the breast.

What can implant products treat?

  • Breast augmentation: Implants can be used for primary breast augmentation (i.e. to increase the size of the breasts), as well as revision surgery (i.e. to improve/correct the results of a primary breast augmentation surgery).
  • Breast reconstruction: Implants are used in primary reconstruction to replace breast tissues that have been removed as a result of trauma or cancer. Alternatively, implants can be used for breast tissue replacement when a severe breast abnormality causes poor tissue development. In revision surgery, implants help enhance/correct the results of a primary breast reconstruction surgery.

Implant Brands


Natrelle is a best-selling implant brand consisting of tissue expanders, saline-filled implants and cohesive gel breast implants.


The Monobloc family comprises several products, including the Monobloc Hydrogel CMC. Monobloc Hydrogel CMC is a bio-compatible alternative to silicone gel implants.


The Cereform range contains a wide range of quality round and anatomical implants.

Popular Brands

Some of the popular brands of implants are Natrelle and Monobloc.

Types of Implant Products

Silicone gel-based implants

Silicone gel breast implants are made of a high-strength silicone gel that is highly cohesive. They are less likely to leak compared to other implant types. They are associated with enhanced medical safety and technical efficacy, as well as a lower risk of capsular contracture and device-shell rupture.

Saline-based implants

Saline breast implants are filled with saline solution. They involve a physically less invasive insertion process and can produce aesthetic results that are comparable to that of silicone breast implants.

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