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Manufacturer: Filorga
Active Substance(s) : Sodium bicarbonate, sodium dextran sulfate, phenoxyethanol, sodium methylparaben, water
Pack Size: 1-100ml spray dispenser bottle
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Product Specification

Filorga Post Peel is a post-peel solution containing sodium bicarbonate. Being a base, it has a pH level of around eight. It is mainly used to neutralize the actions of chemical peels and soothe irritated skin post-procedure. The post-peel solution is manufactured in France by Paris-based Laboratoires Filorga SA. Apart from the key ingredient sodium bicarbonate, the post-peel solution is also incorporated with water, phenoxyethanol, sodium dextran sulfate and sodium methylparaben. The solution is packaged in a spray bottle of 100ml.

What Filorga Post Peel is formulated to do

Filorga Post Peel is indicated for irritated skin that has undergone chemical peeling. The post-peel solution is ideal for all skin types.  When applied, this product neutralizes the acidic actions of the peeling solution, thereby soothing and calming the skin. It also adjusts the skin pH to its neutral level. The post-peel solution contains the neutralizing sodium bicarbonate, which demonstrates basic properties. This allows the Filorga Post Peel to effectively counter the acidity of chemical peels and stop their exfoliating actions.


Filorga Post Peel is developed and produced by Laboratoires Filorga SA, which is a leader in aesthetic medicine. Laboratoires Filorga SA is a cosmeceutical company based in Paris, France. For more than 35 years, the company has been developing effective yet safe aesthetic solutions based on in-depth research. Having a global presence, its extensive range of aesthetic and skincare products are available in more than 60 countries around the world.


Filorga Post Peel is manufactured in France by Laboratoires Filorga.

What else you need to know

Manufactured using ingredients with proven safety, Filorga Post Peel is gentle to skin and extremely unlikely to cause any side effects.  However, Filorga Post Peel may not eliminate all the adverse reactions associated with chemical peels such as skin irritation and sun sensitivity.

Suggested Usage

  • When the peeling procedure is completed, apply the post-peel solution to treated skin using a cotton pad. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes.
  • When applied to skin, the sodium bicarbonate in the solution acts as a base, neutralizing acidic actions of the chemical peels and soothing irritated skin post-treatment.
  • Using a wet cotton pad, rinse off the post-peel solution.
  • Filorga Post Peel should be used instantly after the peeling treatment for optimum effects.


Filorga Post Peel contains sodium bicarbonate, which has a pH value of around 8. Being basic in nature, sodium bicarbonate is able to neutralize and stop the actions of acids found in peeling solution. Chemical peels use their acidic properties to exfoliate and remove damaged cells in superficial skin layers. Acting as a base, the post-peel solution counters the acidity of the peeling solutions. This prevents prolonged exposure of the skin to harsh chemical peels. Plus, the solution rebalances and restores the skin pH value after peeling procedure. Sodium bicarbonate is able to dramatically soothe and calm irritated skin after using chemical peels.
The solution also contains dextran sulfate, which has similar neutralizing properties to restore skin pH and calm irritated skin.

What is in the box

  • Filorga Post Peel (a neutralizing solution (100ml) containing sodium bicarbonate used to treat inflamed, irritated skin after peeling treatments.)
  • The post-peel solution does not come with any other accessories.

Duration of effect

Filorga Post Peel acts instantly to counter the acidic effects of chemical peels, calming and soothing flared up skin after peeling treatment. After neutralizing the peeling solution, post-peel solution is removed using a cotton pad to stop the acid-neutralizing action.

Storage conditions

To preserve the potency of active ingredients, FILORGA POST PEEL should be kept at room temperature of 8 to 25°C. Ideally, the post-peel solution should be kept at a cool, dark place away from intense sunlight or heat.

Expiry (shelf life)

Please refer to the package expiry date.