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Fat Removal

BELKYRA Italian 20mg/2mL 4 vials


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BELKYRA Bulgarian

BELKYRA Bulgarian

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AQUALYX®  10-8ml vials


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ALIDYA™ 340mg 5 vials powder / solvent included


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Why it is important to use fat removal injectables

Body sculpting injections, also known as injection lipolysis, is a non-invasive way to contour various areas of the body. Some people, even with the help of diet and exercise, develop fatty deposits under the skin that they cannot get rid of.

Fat removal procedures offer a safe and effective way to eliminate excess fat deposits, creating a more toned appearance. Ultimately this helps to build a positive body image, boost self-confidence, and empower patients to improve their quality of life.

How fat removal injectables work

Using a thin needle, such as Lipoinject needles, fat-dissolving injectables are administered to the designated area, dissolving and destroying fat cells layers. Using substances commonly found in the body, these injections target and dissolve fat in the treatment area.

As a result, areas with fat pockets become smaller and appear more contoured. Use lidocaine prior to treatment to provide an anesthetic effect. Fat-dissolving solutions may also be used along with ultrasonic equipment to destroy fat cells.


What is it used for?

Fat removal treatments, such as Aqualyx, work to correct localized fat pockets that are commonly found on the stomach, hips, chin, knees, breast area, and thighs. In addition, some body sculpting injectables are indicated for pseudogynecomastia (a breast-like appearance in men resulting from a deposition of fatty tissue near the nipple). Other body sculpting treatments, such as Alidya, are indicated for cellulite on the thighs, abdomen, or buttocks. Doctors may use these treatments in combination with liposuction to smooth out any lumps. As well, these treatments are ideal for those who are unable to get rid of cellulite or fat pockets in certain areas due to genetics.

Why fat removal from Elite Medica is the perfect solution

  • Why use fat removal

  • A fat dissolving injection is formulated using potent ingredients with proven safety and efficacy and delivers slimming results after treatment. The results of injection lipolysis are permanent, as long as the clients maintain their weight by exercising regularly and eating healthy. For smaller areas, such as the chin, this injectables are a more cost-effective and less invasive way for your patients to get rid of unwanted fat.

  • Why choose Elite Medica

  • As an online retailer for popular brands, such as Aqualyx and Alidya, Elite Medica offers quality fat removal injectables at affordable prices. Elite Medica also offers a price-matching policy, and fast and reliable shipping across 85 countries worldwide. Clients who buy in bulk may also enjoy wholesale price discounts. If you have questions about ordering from Elite Medica, call our friendly customer service reps.


The potent active ingredient in Aqualyx, deoxycholic acid, increases the membrane permeability of a fat cell by modifying its surface tension. This bile acid works to break down the fat cells. As a result, micro-droplets of lipids drain into the body, and are subsequently metabolized and excreted through the lymphatic system. Solutions such as Alidya contain amino acids that restore the balance in the cells. The amino acids work to increase the oxygen level in the cells, ultimately improving circulation, dissolving toxins, and improving appearance of cellulite.

Popular products

Some of the popular fat removal injections are Aqualyx and Alidya. Aqualyx is a fat-dissolving solution injected into the affected area to treat fat pockets by disrupting and destroying fat cells, eventually eliminating excess lipids from the body. Similarly, Alidya helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite for smooth and even skin. Lipoinject needles are also available on Elite Medica. Lipoinject manufacturers needles specially designed to administer body sculpting injectables in various areas. The needles help to penetrate deep into the adipose tissue without causing too much discomfort.

End Note

A negative body image is associated with a higher risk of psychological disorders, including depression and anxiety. Formulated using high-performance ingredients, fat removal treatments work to reduce stubborn fat deposits, delivering dramatically slimming results. Ultimately this improves quality of life of patients, especially for those who have not been able to lose these fat pockets through diet and exercise. The procedure is a great option to target smaller areas without the need of surgery, and also helps to even out lumps after liposuction. Trusted by doctors and patients alike, injection lipolysis is undoubtedly the best solution for targeting fat deposits in the breast area, chin, stomach, and other stubborn areas.

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