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Eyelash Enhancers

Why is it important to use eyelash enhancers?

Contrary to popular belief, eyelashes can have a huge impact on the overall facial appearance. Healthy, long eyelashes often enhance the beauty and expression of the eyes. Apart from that, eyelashes also play a vital role in maintaining healthy eyes, protecting the eyes from debris and intense lighting. Therefore, when it comes to beauty care, eyelashes are equally as important as all other parts and should not be overlooked.

Eyelash enhancers are able to promote the growth of eyelashes for a full, volumized look.

How eyelash enhancers work

  • Eyelash enhancers are directly applied on the lashes to make them denser and longer.
  • Eyelash enhancers should be applied on dry and clean skin at night, and sometimes in the morning as well.
  • To use an eyelash enhancer, gently sweep the applicator along the lashes. Wait for the active ingredients to be fully absorbed.
  • Once applied, eyelash enhancers penetrate deeply into the hair, exerting their actions on skin cells to promote cell proliferation and create a stronger eyelash root.
  • This contributes to eyelashes that are long and volumized.
  • Eyelash enhancers should be used regularly to obtain full and long eyelashes. Some enhancer gels can also be effective for fuller looking eyebrows.

What is it used for?

Eyelash enhancers are mostly used to improve the length and volume of lashes. Plus, they promote the growth of soft eyelashes. Due to the unique combination of potent ingredients, eyelash enhancers are able to stimulate skin cell proliferation, thus promoting regeneration of lashes. Thanks to the nourishing ingredients such as peptides, eyelash enhancers effectively prevent lashes from falling off. Long-term use of eyelash enhancers will create healthier lashes, enhancing the overall facial appearance.

Full and healthy eyelashes will create eyes that are beautiful and expres-sive.

Why eyelash enhancers from Raskel Medical is the perfect solution

  • Why use eyelash enhancers?

    Formulated using ingredients with proven safety, eyelash enhancers are associated with a minimum risk of side effects. Not only are they safe and gentle on the skin, eyelash enhancers deliver visible results that last due to the unique blend of potent ingredients. The application of eyelash enhancers is quick and simple, making them ideal for a busy lifestyle. Manufactured in accordance to the highest quality standards, eyelash enhancers are trusted by dermatologist and patients around the world.

  • Why choose Raskel Medical?

    Raskel Medical is an authorized retailer of eyelash enhancer brands such as Jalupro. As an established online store, Raskel Medical sells genuine eyelash enhancers at affordable prices. Apart from eyelash enhancers, Raskel Medical also carries a comprehensive range of aesthetic products such as dermal fillers, chemical peels, and threads. Thanks to our reliable logistics partners, dermatologists and practitioners can conveniently order quality eyelash enhancers from the comfort of their home. Our dedicated team of customer representatives is ready to assist you, providing the best online shopping experience.


Peptides helps to promote regeneration of collagen and shield eyelashes from harmful oxidative stress. This promotes the growth of new eyelashes and prevents the current ones from falling off. Peptides also create denser and longer eyelashes. Some eyelash enhancers contain herbal extracts, which stimulate the growth of lashes and protects them.

Popular products

One of the best-selling eyelash enhancers is Jalupro Enhancer Gel. This enhancer gel works to create fuller and longer eyelashes by stimulating their growth through cellular actions. Plus, it provides nutrients to the base, thereby volumizing and lengthening eyelashes.


Although often overlooked, eyelashes are an integral part of the face and have a huge impact on the overall facial appearance. Besides, eyelashes maintain healthy eyes by shielding them from dust. Aging and environmental factors, such as removing makeup, can weaken the eyelashes, causing them to become thin.

Formulated using ingredients with proven efficacy and safety, eyelash enhancers are the perfect solution to fix short and sparse eyelashes. Known to cause minimum adverse effects, eyelash enhancers are trusted by dermatologists and customers worldwide. Give your patients a chance to say hello to long and volumized lashes with high-performance eyelash enhancers.

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