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Manufacturer: Astra Zeneca
Active Substance(s) : Lidocaine, prilocaine
Strength: 25mg/ml, 25mg/ml
Pack Size: 5-30g aluminum tube
Accessories: Package insert

What is the product specification?

EMLA Cream 5% is a topical anesthetic for skin that is applied prior to minor surgical procedures like blood sampling, needle insertion, vaccination, split skin grafting, tattoo removal, hair removal and even genital skin procedures such as circumcision. The anesthetic emulsion is a eutectic mixture of equal quantities of lidocaine and prilocaine. It contains 25mg/g of lidocaine (also known as lignocaine or xylocaine) and 25mg/g of prilocaine to effectively inhibit nerve impulses and numb the proposed areas of treatment.

What is EMLA Cream 5% formulated to do?

Pain is an undesirable side effect commonly experienced by patients who have undergone skin procedures. This sensation is actually detected by pain receptors, also known as nociceptors in scientific term. Since pain is caused by various factors, these receptors are differentiated according to the type of stimuli that they detect such as chemical, mechanical, thermal and silent receptors that are only activated when there is any tissue injuries or inflammation. Though pain alerts the body to remove itself from damaging or potentially-damaging conditions, it causes discomfort during important medical procedures. EMLA Cream 5% is formulated with equal quantities of lidocaine (25mg/g) and prilocaine (25mg/g) to alleviate pain during treatment. These two active ingredients are amide-type local anesthetic agents which function by blocking the nerve impulses on pain receptors.  Not only do they prevent the nerve impulses from reaching the brain, lidocaine and prilocaine stop the production of nerve impulses altogether in the first place. This cream is a very effective numbing cream due to its rapid onset of action with intermediate duration of activity. Hence, patients will not experience any unwanted lingering numbing sensation after the procedure. This cream can be used on all patients except those with known hypersensitivity to any amide-type local anesthetic.

Who is the manufacturer/country of origin?

EMLA Cream 5% is manufactured and distributed by AstraZeneca, a Swedish-British company.

What else do you need to know?

When can it cause side effects?

Side effects like dizziness, blurred vision, nervousness, shaky hands, difficulty breathing, numbness of mouth, skin turning blue all indicate an overdose of EMLA Cream 5%. Please advise your patients to obtain immediate medical attention if any of the symptoms appear. Mild localized side effects of this numbing cream are itching, swelling, redness or burning sensation.

Which skin type is it good for?

This numbing cream can be used on all healthy, unbroken skin except on patients who are allergic to amide-type local anesthetics. 

What is it made without?

This topical numbing cream is made with effective amide-type anesthetic agents which are lidocaine and prilocaine.

Information about tube or containers

The cream is supplied in a 5g aluminum tube.  

What are the differences between the products?

This cream is also available in 30g tube as well as anesthetic patches. The patches have cream and dressing all ready to use. Nevertheless, the ingredients are still the same.

What is the suggested usage?

This anesthetic cream is ideal for numbing areas that are about to undergo minor medical procedures like needle insertion, vaccination, blood sampling, split skin grafting, tattoo removal, hair removal and even genital skin procedures such as circumcision.

What is the composition?

The cream is white in color with lidocaine and prilocaine as active constituents. Each gram of the cream contains 25mg of lidocaine and 25mg of prilocaine.

What is in the box?

A box of EMLA Cream 5% is supplied with a 5g tube and package insert.  

What is the duration of effect?

The onset and duration of numbing action varies depending on the duration of cream application. For sufficient anesthetic results, the cream should be applied under an occlusive dressing for at least an hour before medical procedures.

What is the storage condition?

Store the cream at temperature below 30°C but not in freezing conditions. Please keep it out of children’s reach.

What is the shelf life?

The expiry date is stated on the tube and the box after “EXP:”. The date refers to the last day of the particular month.

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