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Manufacturer: Aqtis Medical
Active Substance(s) : Polycaprolactone microspheres
Pack Size: 2-1ml prefilled syringes
Accessories: Package insert, 4-27G 3/4
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Ellanse L is an injectable implant that smooths the appearance of skin and restores lost facial volume. This formulation is non-pyrogenic, latex-free and bio-resorbable. It consists of carboxymethyl cellulose gel carrier, in which synthetic polycaprolactone microspheres are suspended. Ellanse L comes in the form of pre-filled syringes (1 mL), and is supplied along with sterile needles and a product information leaflet. This filler is a class III medical device that should be administered by a licensed practitioner.


  • Active ingredients: Poly-caprolactone microspheres
  • Inactive ingredients: Carboxymethyl cellulose gel carrier, glycerin, and phosphate buffered saline

Main Features

  • polycaprolactone
  • exceptional safety profile, and is well-tolerated by the majority of patients
  • sourced form a non-animal origin and fully CE-certified
  • visibly improves the appearance of skin depressions, deep wrinkles, creases, and nasolabial folds
  • offers durable results


Ellanse L is an aesthetic filler that adds volume to sunken facial areas (e.g. the cheeks). Plus, it helps to sculpt the bridge of the nose and augment the lips (e.g. after a cleft palette surgery). Ellanse L is a product of AQTIS Medical, a leading pharmaceutical corporation based in the Netherlands. Order Ellanse L from Raskel to enhance the facial volume of your patients.

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