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CALECIM® Professional Multi-Action Cream 50g

Manufacturer: Cellresearch Corporation Pte. Ltd.
Active Substance(s) : multiple ingredients
Pack Size: 1-50g jar

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Product: CALECIM® Professional Multi-Action Cream 20g
Manufacturer: Cellresearch Corporation Pte. Ltd.
Active Substance(s) : multiple ingredients
Pack Size: 1-20g jar

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Product Specifications

CALECIM Professional Multi-Action Cream is a corrective cream containing Rejuvenating Conditioned Media, a patented complex of cytokines and growth factors that work to stimulate skin proliferation and renewal, as well as to nourish and support dermal structure. Regular use of this product helps to restore lost volume and visibly firm the skin for a youthful appearance.

What CALECIM Professional Multi-Action Cream is formulated to do

CALECIM Professional Multi-action Cream is the beauty industry’s “face-lift in a jar.” Packed with anti-aging ingredients that work together to accelerate skin repair, increase epithelial proliferation and restore dermal structure, this corrective treatment works on all layers of the skin to increase skin elasticity and firmness, restore facial contours, improve discoloration or uneven skin tone, and to soften the appearance of skin depressions. With regular use, this cream can confer visible results in a fortnight. Patients can also elect to use this product at home after an aesthetic treatment to improve and extend the results of treatment. Suitable for sensitive, normal or dry skin.


This skincare product is made by Cellresearch Corporation Pte. Ltd., a biotechnology headquartered in Singapore.

What else you need to know

When it can cause side effects?

This product is meant to be applied onto healthy, unbroken skin. Side effects are rare; however, occasional skin blemishes may develop as a result of the skin regeneration process. That being said, patients with allergies or other health conditions that may influence the safe use of the product should check with their doctor first before using it. If adverse reactions to the product occur, like redness, rash or hives, rinse the product off with water and stop use. The patient should seek medical attention if their symptoms continue or worsen.

Which skin type is it good for?

This corrective cream is suitable for normal, dry or sensitive skin, and is meant to treat skin laxity, aging, and discoloration. Patients with acneic skin should consult their doctor before using CALECIM Professional Multi-Action Cream to determine if they are good candidates for this product.

What it is made without

While the active ingredient in the product is sourced from stem cells in the umbilical cord lining, the cream itself does not contain any stem cells or cell particles.

Differences between the products in this range

CALECIM Professional products are a range of skincare products for professional use. The other products in this skincare line are CALECIM Professional Serum and CALECIM Professional Restorative Hydration Cream, which are products that are used for skin rejuvenation and restoration.

Suggested Usage

This product is also suitable for home maintenance. For use at-home:

  • Cleanse the face with a non-AHA cleanser, and pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Toning may be uncomfortable immediately after the procedure and may be excluded.
  • Apply CALECIM Professional Multi-Action Cream over the facial aesthetic zones (forehead, nose and temples, left cheek and neck, chin, front of neck and skin around the lips), concentrating on one zone at a time.
  • Pat or gently rub the cream in. Forceful application is not recommended.
  • Remember to apply CALECIM Professional Multi-Action Cream all the way back to the skin in front of the ears, and on the lower eyelids up to the eyelashes.
  • Application may extend onto the neck down to the decolletage.
  • If the skin still feels dry, further moisturizer (such as CALECIM Professional Restorative Hydration Cream) may be applied on top.
  • Finish with sunblock application.


The main ingredient of CALECIM Professional Multi-Action Cream is Rejuvenating Conditioned Media, which is a culture medium that has been conditioned by stem cells. It contains compounds that have been secreted by the stem cells, including proteins, nutrients and collagen.

What is in the box?

  • 1 x 50g jar OR 1 x 20g jar
  • Product insert

Duration of effect

CALECIM Professional Multi-Action Cream can visibly firm and lift skin, with noticeable results attained within 2 weeks and optimal results in 90 days. These benefits will last as long as the product is used.

Storage conditions

Store in cool conditions at a temperature not exceeding 33°C. Close jar tightly after each use.

Expiry (shelf life)

  • A 50ml jar of Calecim Professional Multi-Action Cream should last around 2 months.
  • Do not use the product if it has expired.