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Lipoinject Fat Removal (intralipotherapy)

Product Specifications:

If you are administering intralipotherapy, use Lipoinject’s high-quality German steel needles to target specific areas. These needles are used to inject body sculpting solutions that dissolve and eradicate fat in a quick, effective and painless treatment. Compatible with Aqualyx and other solutions, these needles can target localized fat deposits in areas such as the chin, neck, belly area, and thighs.

These needles come in 2 sizes, 24G and 25G, to accommodate different areas and conditions. With this, clients who wish to contour specific areas of their bodies can feel confident that these needles will effectively target those areas without compromising other features.

What Lipoinject does

Lipoinject is a highly recommended needle for injecting fat-dissolving solutions to target stubborn fat pockets. It is made from high-quality German steel that can puncture through layers of adipose tissue with minimal to no damage and pain. It can be used on prominent fat lumps at the chin, thighs, belly fat, neck, and even on the breast area of men who have pseudogynecomastia. These areas are often clusters of fat cells that do not reduce following weight loss and may require longer needles to penetrate through the lipid layer.

The thin needle allows an equal and minimal extrusion force during the delivery of the solution. The product comes in 2 sizes, 24G and 25G. Use this needle coupled with an effective body contouring solution to help your patient achieve their desired look.


Lipoinject intralipotherapy needles are manufactured by Marllor Biomedical.


This product is originally manufactured in Italy.

What else you need to know:

When can it cause side effects

There are side effects that may occur, such as pain at the injection site, bruising, bleeding, redness, or infection. You may reduce the risk by applying ice water or ice pack at the affected area following the treatment. The client should also avoid performing any strenuous activities, exercises, jogging and tennis for 48 hours following the treatment.

  • Which skin type is it good for?

    This needle is suitable for large areas that consists of adipose tissue. These needles are suitable for most skin types.

  • Information about packaging

    Available in 24G x 100mm and 25G x 100m. It is supplied in a sterile packaging.

  • Differences between the Lipoinject needles and other needles.

    Unlike other needles, this 100mm needle can penetrate the deeper layers of the fat tissue. Other needles only eradicate the superficial layer of the tissue, as they can be as short as 13mm.

Suggested Usage

Only trained medical professionals should use this needle. These needles can be used for fat-dissolved solutions such as Aqualyx.

  • Attach the needle to a syringe and draw the deoxycholic acid solution into the syringe. Push the syringe plunger until a small drop of liquid appears on the end of the needle to remove air bubbles.
  • Inject the needle deep into the adipose tissue of the targeted fat pocket.
  • You may also use ultrasound for optimal results.
  • Discard the needle after usage. Each needle is meant for single use.


Made from excellent quality steel, your clients can have a harmless, painless, and swift fat-dissolving treatment with the Lipoinject needle. This thin needle can penetrate into the adipose tissue with minimal damage to the surrounding tissues and layers. The needle is also devised to allow an even and smooth delivery of the fat-dissolving solution into the tissues. This treatment is an ideal final step in your client’s weight loss program, as fat cells only shrink in size but not in number. The lymphatic system metabolizes the released lipids and excretes them via urine.

What is in the box?

  • 24G x 100mm or 25G x 100mm needles.
  • Product monograph, which includes instructions for use, manufacturer’s details, warnings, precautions, and contraindications.
  • The packaging label includes the expiry date and manufacturing date.

Duration of effect

You may perform multiple treatments, ranging from 2 to 8 treatments within a 4-week interval, depending on the amount of fat accumulated in the area; however, each needle is only for single use. After completing the treatment, the fat cells will not reform if the patient continues a healthy diet and exercise program.

Storage conditions

Keep the needles in their seal packages. These needles are sterile and should only be handled in an aseptic environment when ready to use.

Expiry (shelf life)

Each needle is only for single use.

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