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INTRALINE FOR MEN® 1mL 1 prefilled syringe 20mg/mL


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INTRALINE ONE® 1mL 1 prefilled syringe 20mg/mL


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INTRALINE TWO® 1mL 1 prefilled syringe 20mg/mL


from $63.00 USD


What are the products manufactured by this brand?

Intraline is a brand of dermal fillers manufactured by Bohus BioTech AB. The fillers from this brand are made of synthetic cross-linked hyaluronic acid extracted through biofermentation and processed using Hyaluronic Acid Spherification Technology. The 3 different implants from this brand are:

  • Intraline One: 20mg/ml of hyaluronic acid molecules with a medium spherical size.
  • Intraline Two: 20mg/ml of hyaluronic acid molecules with a large spherical size.
  • Intraline for Men: 20mg/mL of hyaluronic acid molecules with a large spherical size.


Bestselling products world-wide?

Often times, aesthetic procedures and products are usually marketed towards women, leaving men feeling uncertain about how fillers might help them. Bohus BioTech AB also manufactures and markets Intraline for Men. This bestseller has quickly become a popular choice for male patients seeking aesthetic treatments.


How long has Intraline been on the market?

This range of fillers was first introduced to the public in October 2015. Then, in Spring 2016, Intraline for Men was launched to appeal to a wider audience. In the near future, a new implant—Intraline Three—will be released to improve facial contours and other features.


How does it work effectively?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally existing complex sugar molecule that hydrates the cells for optimal performance. It has an angular, rhomboid structure. Unfortunately, as the body ages, the quality and quantity of hyaluronic acid cells diminish tremendously. Some signs of hyaluronic acid depletion include the formation of wrinkles and lines on the skin as well as dermal dehydration. Intraline is made of cross-linked hyaluronic acid that has been processed with Hyaluronic Acid Spherification Technology. The uniformly spherical shape of hyaluronic acid molecules results in a higher molecular density gel that promises smoother results once injected.


What are the active ingredients that make the brand unique?

These medical devices are made of cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecules with spherical shape. Cross-linking ensure that the fillers deliver more durable results that last between 9 months to a year without disintegrating prematurely. The hyaluronic acid molecules are harvested from fermenting bacterial cultures and are then purified to be free from impurities, making it extremely safe for aesthetic use. In fact, the absence of anesthetic agents in the products allows patients to confidently receive aesthetic treatment and use an anesthetic they might prefer. Besides that, the uniformly spherical shaped hyaluronic acid molecules also ensure that the treated areas look as natural as possible.


Why is it different from other brands?

Once administered, the implants help to:

  • Smooth out lines and wrinkles (e.g. frown lines) seamlessly;
  • Lift sagging wrinkles (e.g. nasolabial folds);
  • Volumize gaunt facial regions;
  • Sculpt facial contours, and augment the lips and nose.


What skin type is it suitable for?

This soft tissue filler is ideal for addressing aesthetic issues such as:


  • Medium to deep-set facial creases;
  • Undefined and thinning lips;
  • Undesirable nose shape and size;
  • Undefined contours (e.g. jawline and cheekbones).


Since the filler material has varying hyaluronic acid sphere sizes, it is perfect for treating different skin imperfections—from mid to deep-set wrinkles and volume loss. Some of the fillers in the line are also great options to help define or augment the lips, nose, and facial contours non-surgically. Dermal filler injections using this brand can only be conducted by a certified and experienced physicians with full adherence to aseptic medical standards.


Why should you choose Intraline?

Original Hyaluronic Acid Spherification Technology ensures that the hyaluronic acid molecules have a consistent spherical shape. So, the filler gel can be easily injected and integrated into the skin for natural-looking results. As well, it is free from any impurities and even pain-relievers. So, more people can receive Intraline injections confidently.

Side effects

Adverse effects are extremely rare with Intraline fillers, as they are very well tolerated.

Common side effects:

  • Temporary swelling
  • Pain
  • Itching


These side effects are common inflammatory responses to the injection procedure, and tend to resolve themselves within a week of treatment. Rare side effects:


  • Irritation from the cross-linking agent BDDE
  • BDDE may cause irritation in rare cases.

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