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from $40.00 USD

Hyalgan® Viscosupplements 


What are the products by this brand?

Hyalgan is a sterile, biodegradable orthopedic implant designed and manufactured by Fidia Pharma USA Inc. The sodium hyaluronate gel is extracted from rooster combs, a rich source of hyaluronic acid. This medical device contains 20mg of extremely viscoelastic sodium hyaluronate gel packaged in a 2ml syringe.

You get a single preloaded syringe or a pack of 5 prefilled syringes. This intra-articular implant is intended for alleviating knee pain due to osteoarthritis. The gel lubricates affected joints for smoother movement and better support. Only certified and experienced medical practitioners can safely perform orthopedic injections for patients who are suffering from knee pain.


Bestselling products worldwide

Hyalgan is intended to complement or even replace conservative therapies in treating knee pain associated with osteoarthritis, such as painkillers, supplements, mobility support accessories, and physical therapy sessions. Viscosupplementation is an innovative option in treating osteoarthritic knee joints, as it involves injecting lubricant to mimic the action of depleted synovial fluid. According to the brand, approximately 50 million injections of Hyalgan have been given worldwide.


How long has it been on the market?

Hyalgan has been used in Europe since 1987. It became the first viscosupplement that was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ease knee pain caused by osteoarthritis in 1997. The safety profile of this brand is attested by over 100 clinical trials and peer-reviewed papers involving more than 14,000 patients.


How does it work effectively?

A synovial joint is characterized by 2 bones encapsulated within an elastic synovial membrane. These bones are covered by a layer of protective articular cartilage that secretes synovial fluid into the joint space. This fluid and cartilage allow the bones to glide against each other smoothly without any painful friction. Not only that, synovial fluid cushions the joints from sudden impacts. However, constant use of the joints can cause inevitable thinning of articular cartilage. In some serious cases, the cartilage can get exhausted drastically resulting in painful inflammation and restricted mobility.

When patients do not respond adequately to painkillers, viscosupplement could be a better option as the joints may have undergone substantial damage. This viscoelastic sodium hyaluronate gel closely resembles naturally occurring synovial fluid. Following injection, the gel protects the bones from painful friction. Movements become more fluid with less pain and the quality of life is improved. For best results, administer 5 weekly intra-articular injections.


What are the active ingredients that make the brand unique?

Hyalgan contains 20mg/2ml of high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate in the form of a gel. It is the first viscosupplement that was approved by FDA for treatment of knee osteoarthritis.


Why is it different from other brands?

The sodium hyaluronate in this injectable is extracted from rooster combs. After extraction, the sodium hyaluronate is purified to be free from any unwanted contaminants. The final product is composed of high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate gel.


What skin type is it suitable for?

This orthopedic implant is approved for treating knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, especially in patients who have failed to obtain adequate relief from oral analgesics.


What are some of the side effects?

Following the treatment session, patients may exhibit some aftereffects.

Common side effects:

  • Bruising at injected site
  • Rash at injected site
  • Itching at injected site
  • Pain and discomfort at injected site

Patients need not to worry as the reactions above are usually very mild and tend to resolve on their own.

Severe side effects:

  • Allergic reactions with symptoms such as hives and difficulty swallowing/talking/breathing

Allergic or hypersensitive reactions should be addressed immediately. Educate your patients on possible reactions to prevent major health complications.


Why should you choose this brand?

Hyalgan is the first viscosupplement to be approved by FDA for use in treating knee pain associated with osteoarthritis. This brand has become a favorite amongst doctors and patients as its safety profile and excellent performance have been demonstrated in various clinical trials and countless real-life treatment sessions.

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