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CRESPINE® GEL PLUS 2mL 1 pre-filled syringe


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Crespine® Viscosupplements


What are the products by this brand?

Crespine is an orthopedic injectable gel designed and manufactured by BioPolymer, a pharmaceutical company specializing in medical devices. There are 2 variations to this viscosupplement gel:

  • Crespine Gel: contains 14mg/ml of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and 1mg/ml of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid.
  • Crespine Gel Plus: contains 14mg/ml of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, 1mg/ml of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid and 3mg/ml of Prilocaine.

The hyaluronic acid is extracted from a strictly regulated biofermentation process. Once administered, the gel replenishes the lubricating fluid in synovial joints resulting in smoother joint movements and less pain. Only certified doctors who are experienced with administering injections intra-articularly should administer this treatment.


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Most patients suffering from arthritis or other degenerative diseases affecting the synovial joints resort to management methods such as analgesics and physical therapy. These methods may not provide adequate relief from pain and immobility. Viscosupplementation using Crespine is a progressive therapy that treats osteoarthritis by cushioning the joint.


How long has it been on the market?

This gel has been manufactured since 2008 using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality ingredients. Currently, this orthopedic injectable is being distributed in over 71 countries worldwide.


How does it work effectively?

A protective articular cartilage continuously secretes lubricating synovial fluid into the space between the bones of a joint. At its peak performance, the synovial joint is capable of producing smooth movements and absorbing sudden impacts. Unfortunately, decades of wear-and-tear causes gradual disintegration of the cartilage. The production of lubricating synovial fluid is reduced, resulting in painful friction between the bones. Movements become painful and slow.

The gel is formulated using hyaluronic acid to alleviate these painful and debilitating symptoms. The gel mimics the actions of synovial fluid due to their similar viscoelastic properties. Once administered, the viscosupplement covers and protects the bones from painfully grinding against each other. Affected joints can then move easily with lesser pain.


What are the active ingredients that make the brand unique?

The biocompatible orthopedic implant is composed of hyaluronic acid to sufficiently lubricate synovial joints. As well, hyaluronic acid provides mechanical support and protects the joints from further damage. The integration of prilocaine, a fast acting anesthetic, helps to reduce discomfort.


Why is it different from other brands?

While some other intra-articular implants are made from animal sources, this gel is made of non-animal hyaluronic acid. Bacterial cultures are fermented under strict laboratory settings to produce a high-quality hyaluronic acid injectable. The molecules are then purified to be free from any endotoxins. This makes it an excellent choice for patients who may be hypersensitive to avian byproducts.


What skin type is it suitable for?

This apyrogenic and bioresorbable injectable orthopedic gel is intended for patients who are suffering from pain and immobility due to osteoarthritis. Some affected synovial joints that respond exceptionally well to this implant are knee and hip joints.


What are some of the side effects?

Following the intra-articular injection procedure, patients may experience slight reactions.

Common side effects:

  • Inflammatory responses at injected site (e.g. pain, temporary redness, swelling, warmth sensation etc.).

Educate your patients of aftercare methods, including avoiding high impact activities and standing for too long, to reduce the duration of these side effects. However, patients may still experience more severe reactions.

Rare side effects:

  • Depressed cardiovascular activity due to vasovagal reaction
  • Allergic reaction

Inform your patients of all possible reactions, as well as all contraindications and precautions. It is important that this gel is not injected into the blood vessels.


Why should you choose Crespine?

This orthopedic injectable is a biocompatible and bioresorbable gel that alleviates painful symptoms of osteoarthritis temporarily by acting as a cushion for the joints. Once injected, the bones within the synovial joints glide smoothly against each other. As well, its long-lasting effects make it more cost-effective for your patient, especially as it is administered in 1 injection.

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