Why People Should NOT Buy Botox Without a License

Not only is it illegal to purchase Botox without a license or a prescription, it is also very dangerous. First off, injections require extensive knowledge of the underlying facial anatomy. Understanding the dosage is also essential to performing a safe injection. For those seeking cheaper Botox injections, a low price tag can indicate an unlicensed injector and/or an unauthentic product.


An indication of whether or not the Botox injections you may be receiving is the genuine product is by assessing the price. Any price that seems too good to be true likely is, and Botox is not a medicine you should be taking risks with.

There are typically 2 pricing structures when it comes to Botox injections. Some practices will offer a flat-rate price that is usually somewhere between $300 and $1,000. The other pricing structure is to offer a price per-unit, which typically costs about $10 to $15 per unit. Even when receiving Botox injections from a licensed professional, it is important to pay attention to cost and ask questions to ensure that the product you are being injected with was purchased from a reliable source and is the actual product it claims to be.

Who can inject Botox?

Botox can only be injected by licensed medical professionals. Doctors and dentists are able to administer injections, and physician’s assistants and registered nurses are also able to perform injections under a doctor’s supervision. Finding an experienced professional to perform injections is as important as ensuring that the Botox is purchased with a license from a reliable source. The effectiveness of the injections depends mostly on the injection technique and the placement of the injection. If someone who is inexperienced attempts to perform the injections, the results might be not only unsatisfactory but the procedure may also be dangerous.


Even when used for cosmetic purposes, Botox injections are still considered a medical procedure. That means that due caution should be observed in every stage of injection from purchasing the product with a license from a reliable source, to having the injections administered by an experienced professional.

Botox is a safe procedure with minimal side effects when administered by a licensed practitioner.

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