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13 Types of Wrinkles and Quick Tips for Treating Them

Anti-aging wrinkles treatments types and causes
When the skin ages and is exposed to harmful external environments, lines and wrinkles begin to appear. While there are many steps you can advise your patients to take to delay the appearance of the signs of aging, the best way to prevent them is to understand their causes. Types of Wrinkles (Rhytids) Glabella lines These are the vertical marks that appear on the forehead between the eyebrows. Glabella lines are caused by the contraction of muscles between the brows that occurs when we make expressions such as frowns. With the repetition of these facial movements, the lines become more permanent. These are common wrinkles that often appear as early as in a patient's mid-20s. Lip lines Lines around the mouth are mostly attributed to the process of aging; however, there are many factors that contribute to these wrinkles, making them appear earlier, deeper or more noticeable. These factors include sun exposure and smoking due to the increased movement ...