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How to Reverse Dermal Filler Results

Raskel Medical
Sometimes you make a slight miscalculation and inject too much filler, sometimes a patient is unhappy with their results. In rare cases, injections of dermal fillers may affect blood flow in the area, leading to tissue death called necrosis. Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to reverse a dermal filler treatment. Unfortunately, reversing the results of a dermal filler treatment may or may not be possible, depending on the filler you used. Calcium Hydroxylapatite Dermal fillers made of calcium hydroxylapatite, such as Radiesse, use microspheres suspended in a gel to add volume to the dermis. In addition to adding immediate volume, these microspheres stimulate the growth of collagen within the dermis and provide the collagen with a scaffold to grow on. This means that even as the particles are breaking down within the skin, the collagen is still growing to make the treatment results last. The results may last a year or longer, but eventually they will start to fade. Unfortunately ...