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Find Out Which Thread Facelift Technique is Best For You

Which threadlift is best fore you?
How many types are there? In addition to traditional facelift surgery, there are several types of facial rejuvenation that use new techniques and technologies to provide the same anti-aging effects as plastic surgery. In this article, we’re going to be discussing the 9 most popular alternatives to facelift surgery. Identify best method for you Each type of facial rejuvenation technique has its own benefits, and a dermatologist or plastic surgeon will be able to help you determine the best method for your skin. Types of facelifts Liquid Facelift Jaw Line Rejuvenation Mini Face Lift S-Lift Mid-Facelift Cutaneous Lift (Skin Only) Temporal Facelift or Browlift MACS Lift / QuickLift Traditional Facelift Final thoughts Liquid Facelift Making use of dermal filler injectables, liquid facelifts typically use ingredients like hydroxyapatite, hyaluronic acid, or poly-L-lactic acid. This technique is able to smooth lines and folds, augment lips, and fill and contour ho ...

Do You Know 7 Reasons to Stop Using Silicone Injectables?

what are 7 reasons to stop using silicone implant
Why injectable silicone is harmful Injectable silicone is a very controversial filler that is not only illegal but very dangerous. Despite marketing that would have you believe otherwise, silicone is not FDA-approved for injection into the buttocks, breasts, or other body parts for the purpose of enhancing size or augmenting appearance. As injectable silicone is approved for specific use inside the eye, some doctors may lead patients to believe they would be receiving FDA-approved treatment, despite that not being the case. Even though doctors may use medical devices in off-label circumstances, such as Botox for thinning hair, not every instance may be safe for the patient. You will learn: Are silicone injectables safe? Why should I avoid injectable silicone? What cosmetic injectables are safe? Dermal fillers Botox Conclusion Even though silicone is used in other cosmetic treatments such as breast implants, the structure of implants and an injectable filler ar ...

18 Questions That Your Patients Will Ask You Before Botox Injections

questions to ask before botox treatment
You will learn 18 questions to ask before botox treatment Uses for Botox When does it work best? What is treatment like? Is it painful? When will I see results? When should I get my next treatment? Botox for special occasions How old do I have to be to get Botox? What does botulinum toxin do in the body? Who can get Botox? Is this only for celebrities and older people? Can I get dermal fillers with Botox Who will do the Botox procedure? How will I know if it’s really Botox? Botox side effects Cosmetic effects Alternative treatments Soft tissue fillers vs. Botox Botox myths and facts What is Botox used for? Botox is used for a number of treatments, both within the field of cosmetic medicine and in the more general field of medicine as well. It was initially put on the market to help treat a number of eye disorders, including crossed eyes, uncontrollable blinking, and muscle spasms in the eyelid. In fact, Botox wasn’t officially approved by the FDA fo ...