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Determining Dermal Filler Doses: Selection of Product & Technique

Dermal Filler Doses, treatment and Product
While some treatments, such as botulinum toxin, are fairly straightforward when it comes to standard dosing, there are no standard doses for cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers. The desired treatment outcome (and the volume of filler required) varies greatly among patients. Simply put, filler injections are more of an art form, while the administration of botulinum toxin is more scientific and technical in nature. In this article, we will discuss the doses of dermal filler used in the treatment of marionette lines and nasolabial folds. We will also discuss the different techniques for administering dermal fillers. Marionettes lines and nasolabial folds Marionette lines occur between the lips and the chin, while nasolabial lines occur between the nose and the mouth. Despite this difference in placement, they are quite similar. Often caused by the natural aging process, these lines and folds are formed when the soft tissue volume of the central face is lost. With this, ...

Juvederm for Marionette Lines: Causes, Treatment and Results

Marionette Lines Treatment with Juvederm
What are marionette lines? Marionette lines are the vertical lines that run from the corner of the mouth down to the jawline along the chin. They get their name due to their resemblance to the chin of marionette dolls. On humans, these lines can make people appear old or even unhappy. As these lines usually develop due to aging, they can also be accompanied by dry and dull skin that further contributes to a tired, aged appearance. Due to their proximity to the mouth, these lines are often associated with the facial expressions we make, from smiling to pursing our lips, and are therefore often confused with smile or laugh lines. What causes marionette lines? There are many factors that contribute to the development of marionette lines in the skin. As previously mentioned, repeated facial movements—or, more specifically, movements with the lips and mouth—can play a role, as can sun exposure and environmental or lifestyle factors such as smoking and stress. However, th ...

How to Treat Glabellar Lines (between the eyebrows) with Botox

Treating glabellar lines with botox
Treating Glabellar Lines with Botox Treating glabellar lines was the first FDA-approved nonmedical indication for Botox, and it is where most patients begin their cosmetic journey. Lines in the glabellar region (between the eyebrows) convey emotions that do not reflect the patient’s true frame of mind. It can easily make someone appear sad, tired, stressed out, or angry. Most patients complain of dynamic and static wrinkles in this region more than any other areas of the face. In the Unites States, glabellar Botox injection is the most common entry procedure for physicians aiming to incorporate cosmetic treatments into their practice.1 The ever-increasing demand for anti-aging solutions using minimally invasive cosmetic methods propels the popularity of Botox worldwide. Who would be interested in this treatment? The ideal candidates for glabellar correction with Botox are patients with dynamic wrinkles at the central brow. Patients with frown lines visible a ...