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Dermal Fillers

Weight Loss and Dermal Fillers

Can Patient Lose Dermal Fillers Due to Weight Loss?
Does weight loss cause wrinkles? Weight loss can be a cause of wrinkles. When people lose weight, the skin sags and wrinkles begin to form within that sagging skin. This can lead to stretch marks and permanent scarring. The University of Maryland Medical Center studied the cause of wrinkles during weight loss and hypothesized that this occurs because the fat cells that pad the face decrease as a result of weight loss. When this happens rapidly, the chemicals within the body are unable to keep up with the change, leading the skin to sag and loosen, resulting in an aged or gaunt look. Problems According to professors at the University of California-Los Angeles, there are a few problems that arise once a person has lost 50lbs or more in a short period of time. In addition to sagging and wrinkled skin, individuals who have lost a lot of weight may experience other problems such as chafing, intertrigo, or other personal hygiene issues. ...