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Manufacturer: Marllor Biomedical
Active Substance(s) : Motolese's solution
Pack Size: 10-8ml vials
Accessories: Package insert
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Product Specification

Aqualyx is a fat-dissolving injection manufactured by Italy-based Marllor Biomedical. It is mainly indicated for localized adiposity on the stomach, thighs, chin, and buttocks. Infused with potent deoxycholic acid, this intralipotherapy injection removes stubborn fat pockets. The injectable solution should be used in conjunction with an ultrasound-generating device and a needle (e.g. Lipoinject). The fat removal kit comes with 10 vials of fat-dissolving solution (8ml each) and a package insert.

What AQUALYX is formulated to do

Aqualyx is indicated for the breakdown of localized fat pockets on various body parts such as the stomach, knees, hips, chin, buttocks, and thighs. The fat-dissolving injection is especially useful in stubborn fat pockets that cannot be eliminated through lifestyle modification alone. Plus, the fat-dissolving injection is used to treat pseudo-gynecomastia (the appearance of “breasts” in males due to the accumulation of fat around the nipple), lipohypertrophy, subcutaneous lipohyperplasia, and “buffalo humps” in HIV-positive patients.
This simple and virtually painless treatment is the perfect alternative to invasive liposuction procedures. To date, more than 2 million vials of Aqualyx have been used around the world. Many patients and practitioners have attested to its miraculous fat-removing effects.


Aqualyx is produced by Marllor Biomedical. This company has long been a leader in aesthetic medicine, offering innovative aesthetic solutions to enrich the lives of patients around the world. Marllor Biomedical is located in Italy.


Aqualyx injection (sometimes referred to as Motolese’s solution) is manufactured by Marllor Biomedical. It was first developed by Professor Pasquale Motolese in 2009.

What else you need to know

Being dermatologist-tested, this fat-dissolving injection is formulated using ingredients that are potent yet gentle. Motolese's solution is associated with minimal side effects, thanks to the sustained-release sugar that decreases its terminal half-life. However, patients may occasionally experience skin tenderness, erythema and swelling, all of which are self-limiting and mild in nature. There are no severe side effects associated with Aqualyx fat removal injection. To maintain the fat-removing results, patients should undertake lifestyle and diet modifications. This injectable solution is not a weight loss solution and it not intended for general weight loss in obesity.

Suggested Usage

  1. Mix the fat-dissolving solution with lidocaine (a local anesthetic) to minimize injection-related pain.
  2. Inject the solution into adipose tissue using a cannula to disrupt the fat cell membrane.
  3. Then, expose the treated area to ultrasound waves using an ultrasound wave generator (e.g. Sonolyx). This leads to the rupture of the fat cell membrane, releasing and excreting lipids via the lymphatic pathway. For each treatment area, 2 injections are performed at separate injection sites.
  4. In general, it takes 2 to 8 treatments to achieve the desired slimming effects. The number of treatment required depends on the condition of the patient. Aqualyx should only be administered by suitably trained medical professionals to avoid injection-related complications.


Aqualyx contains sodium salt of deoxycholic acid (or 12-dihydroxy-5-cholan-24-acid), which has fat-emulsifying properties. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring element primarily found in the intestine to facilitate nutrient absorption. It is able to modify the permeability of the fat cell membrane by altering its surface tension, making the cell susceptible to rupture. Once exposed to ultrasound waves, the weakened cell membrane breaks, releasing lipids that subsequently undergo lymphatic excretion.
In addition to deoxycholic acid, this fat-dissolving injection also contains water, sodium chloride, 3, 6-Anhydro-L-Galactose and D-Galactose polymer, and a buffer system. The buffer system ensures effective delivery of the deoxycholic acid to adipose tissue.

What is in the box?

  1. 10-8ml vials of Aqualyx fat-dissolving injection. Infused with fat-dissolving deoxycholic acid, the injectable solution effectively improves the appearance of localized fat pockets. The fat-dissolving injectables should be used along with an ultrasound generator.
  2. A package insert, which contains detailed information about the injectable, including indications, precautions, dosage, and administration methods.
  3. Needles are sold separately (needles are selected based on the size of the treatment site, and practitioner’s preference).

Duration of effect

These fat removal injections are designed to permanently eliminate lipids through lymphatic excretion. As long as the patients follow their weight maintenance plans (e.g. diet and lifestyle modifications), the slimming effects of Aqualyx are permanent. However, fat pockets may reappear if patients fail to maintain their weight.

Storage conditions

Aqualyx fat-dissolving solution should be stored at room temperature to maintain the stability of its active ingredients. The injection should be stored in its original sterile packaging. Improper storage may result in the degradation or evaporation of active ingredients in injectables, rendering them unusable.

Expiry (shelf life)

  • Proper storage techniques ensure the sterility of the packaging. If the packaging is compromised, the injectables may be contaminated and not safe for use.
  • The expiry date of each package is clearly indicated on the box. Do not use Aqualyx if it is beyond its best-before date.