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Why it is important to use anesthetics

Aesthetics injectables are popular treatments that are done for various reasons, such as filling in wrinkles and revitalizing the skin. While it is safe and non-invasive, injections may still cause a certain degree of pain and discomfort. Anesthetics are particularly useful in alleviating injection-related pain, providing a comfortable treatment experience. Local anesthetic devices, such as CoolSense, instantly numb the injection site, thereby relieving pain and protecting skin from being burned. As well, injectable anesthetics or topical anesthetics are also available. Some dermal fillers already have an anesthetic added to the formula.

How anesthetics work

Anesthetics work by blocking the sensation of pain. Once administered, the anesthetic binds to and inhibits the ion channel, which is loated in the cell membrane of the nerve cells. This blocks the transmission that would be sent to the pain centers. There are also anesthetic devices that work to numb the skin. These work through various systems, such as a cryo system, to numb the skin and block pain.

What it is use for?

Doctors use anesthetics to minimize pain and discomfort associated with injections. While generally well-tolerated, injections are not entirely painless.

Local anesthetics and anesthetic devices help to reduce pain that is typically associated with injections. Doctors use them to help numb more sensitive areas. As well, they can help reduce discomfort during hair restoration, male infertility injections, cosmetic injections, and dermal fillers.

Why anesthetics from Raskel Medical are perfect solution

  • Why use anesthetics?

    Anesthetics are ideal for patients who want to receive aesthetic treatments without pain and discomfort during injection. Trusted by dermatologists and practitioners worldwide, anesthetics deliver reliable pain-relieving results. This can help you maintain control during the procedure, without needing to take a break if the patient is sensitive.

  • Why choose Raskel Medical?

    Raskel Medical sells authentic, quality anesthetics at affordable prices. With our price matching policy, Raskel Medical guarantees that anesthetics are offered at the lowest price on the market. Raskel Medical only charges a flat rate of $25 for its fast and reliable delivery. Our experienced and friendly customer service team is ready to assist you, providing the best shopping experience.

  • Why it is the perfect solution

    Often, patients overestimate their ability to handle injection-related discomfort during a procedure. Using a local anesthetic makes the treatment much more comfortable for the patient, and allows you to perform the procedure quickly and efficiently.


Anesthetics are generally made of lidocaine, tetracaine, or prilocaine. These ingredients have great anesthetic properties that make various procedures much more comfortable for the client. As well, anesthetic devices are operated by a temperature-controlled component without any chemicals.

Popular products

CoolSense Pain Numbing Applicator is one of the most popular anesthetic devices. Manufactured by CoolSense Medical Ltd, the device effectively reduces pain and discomfort at the injection site due to the innovative design of its metal head. Designed without any harmful chemicals, the CoolSense Pain Numbing Applicator provides effective and safe pain relief for injection procedures.

End Note

Injection procedures (such as the injection of dermal fillers) are very safe, but not completely painless. Thanks to anesthetics, patients no longer have to endure the discomfort and pain when receiving aesthetic treatments. Being CE and FDA-approved, anesthetics such as CoolSense are trusted by practitioners and patients alike. Through testimonials and reviews, many clients have attested to the dramatic pain-relieving effects of anesthetics. With anesthetics your patients can now say goodbye to painful injections.


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